Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Blechoriffic is not a real word of course. But maybe I'll suggest it to the nice folks at the University of Chicago ( I think they make the Webter's Dictionary) so that they can consider it because it perfectly describes how I felt at the end of today's pool workout.

To be honest while last week I was totally revved up for my training this week I have a bit less pizazz in my step. In fact, since my son had a doctors appointment Monday that became a recovery day. Then yesterday I used my daughters fever as an excuse to call my tennis lesson my workout which means I skipped my run.

In short - today was my first workout of the week. Scheduled to do 1600 yds in the pool. My goal was to take it nice and easy concentrating on my form and all the zillion things I've been reviewing in online swimming videos. It felt pretty good. I started with 200 warm up then 50 kicking with the kickboard. Swimming laps is really boring but kicking with the board is even worse in my opinion. Then I meant to swim 400 but actually swam 300 - my math was off (wait 12 divided by 4 is only 300 - drat) which I realized during my recovery. Then I went back out for 16 lengths. Felt fine and then did 300 on purpose and then I felt a little light headed and yucky.

So, I did the only sensible thing and rested an extra minute and decided instead of 300 yds to do 200 but after 50 yds thought okay I'll do my last part 100 at a time. Rested after that 100 and did another 50 and then shifted to kicking with the kickboard (which I may have mentioned I think is like watching paint dry) and then after 25 just slowly made it to the end. I briefly looked in the next lane and the other swimmer to see if he picked up on my feeling that I might puke but he just smiled and continued his laps. I took that to mean that I didn't look as much like I was going to faint as I thought. I rested a few minutes and considered another hundred. I really didn't want to come up short in this workout. I could just do 100 at a time. But then I reconsidered that it would be bad form to pass out at the pool so I got out.

I didn't feel good until after lunch so that was no fun at all. Sadly my mental image of me swimming miles and miles in open water has been temporarily dashed and replaced with a new image of a swimmer who needs to stick it out and work on my conditioning a lot more. So that's what I'll do. Back in the pool tomorrow :-)

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