Saturday, April 9, 2011


Is there anything funkier than the smell of a person after a saltwater swim followed by a bike and a run? I'm not sure.

Today's workout was awesome! I screwed up my courage to go and swim with Team Hammerheads. It was a small group today. There are two possible reasons for this. First, today is Swim Miami or Miami Swim or something like that. It's a long distance open water swim. I have heard that a lot of people use this as their first event of the summer. Not me however. The other reason is that tomorrow is the South Beach Nautica Triathlon. Lots of people are racing that and I don't know if they'd also swim today. I'm also not racing Nautica. Maybe next year.

Back to the important stuff - my workout. I was hugely intimidated by swimming with this group because according to the website most people swim between 1 to 2 miles and that is beyond my range.

Full disclosure: To be honest I have actually driven out there and chickened out once before. On that occasion it seemed like all the people milling about were also sporting ironman tattoos ... and I let the little wimpy inside me win. But not today.

More disclosure: Okay wait, there is one other time I did actually swim here. I went later in the day and walked through the seaweed (totally gross), then passed 3 uber fit swimmers who probably just finished their 2 mile swims (did I mention I was wearing a bright orange swim suit - cool I know), and then swam a bit but noticed I still had on my metal watch and was sure I would be eaten by a barracuda so I turned back and called it a day. Not a great success that workout.

After last weeks horrific swim I was determined to join in. Of course, the people there were very nice and welcoming and I had no reason to be afraid before. But let's not dwell on the fact that my fear was totally irrational. Let's focus on that I did it! I swam to the first buoy and back without lane lines, without my trusty wall and I only mildly freaked out when some seaweed brushed my leg. Success all around. I'm not sure how far it was. Somebody told me each buoy is .1 of a mile in which case I swam about .2 of a mile. I then went on to bike my 11 miles and run 4 miles including the bridge on both legs. 

So congratulations to me. Tomorrow just a bike ride to apparently the greatest Mango Shake ever. Here's hoping they have other flavors because while it's unfloridian of me I don't like Mango.

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