Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump Day

Today was very productive. I hunted eggs at preschool which is very cute. I obsessed about Kindergarten with fellow mommies at the preschool snack party. Strawberries and cupcakes - why do we buy cupcakes for preschoolers who just eat the icing? I did my two workouts (bike and swim) and felt very accomplished. I thought I had found both my daughter and myself Easter dresses. Picked everybody up, fought the good homework fight, got the little man's hair cut and took the little crew to dinner. They are as I type bathing and then I'm going to toss those little buggers into bed and call it a day.

Alas, when I showed her the dress and shoes it was a total bust. She didn't like the dress and while she loves the shoes - they don't fit. Strike one for mommy.I think this is the start of a pattern where I have to include her on the shopping trips ... this is very bad news for my wallet as she has trouble with the concept of just one. But c'est la vie. In fact, when I showed her my dress she felt compelled to point out she didn't like that one either. Since I am an adult I was able to not strangle her at this point and merely point out that it's okay if she doesn't like my dress since she doesn't wear it but it's more polite to keep that opinion to herself.

I also had two other great things happen today. I didn't write about it but Sunday my trusty Garmin FR60 bit the dust. The band split at the edge. I looked it up on Garmin and saw that within a year it's under warranty. I couldn't figure out whether it was under a year so I held onto in until Tuesday when I was in my favorite running store Footworks and I could ask. Lo and behold yes under a year. Good news. Better news coming they will send it in for me. Even better. They are really the best at Footworks.  On the flip side the staff at the store was familiar with this issue with the watches that have this style of band which includes my little watch but also the Garmin Forerunner 410 and now the Garmin Forerunner 610 unless something is different. So that's their whole lineup of watches except the huge 310xt (which is the grandaddy poobah super watch). That this style of band would be defective this often doesn't seem like it's a good design on the part of Garmin. I was planning to upgrade soon to a newer cooler more expensive model but I'm going to pay more attention to user reviews before I do that now. Mine is under warranty but if it had been another few months it would have been an $80 fee which seems excessive for a $200 watch. Also when I looked at the watch where the band split I noticed that all the labels of the buttons had also worn off. Either I'm putting this watch through heavier duty than it's made for or it's maybe got some design issues. Either way I'm under warranty so I'm getting a replacement or a repair and I'm happy with that.

As a final note about my fabulous day I dressed in the morning for my workouts. The plan was to change after that at home so that I didn't look like a schlump for the afternoon. It didn't quite work because I didn't quite have time so I didn't get to shower until just before dinner. As a result I did feel very schlumpish during the afternoon errors. Conclusion: I either need to shower at the gym (YUCK) and pack real clothes (WHAT A PAIN) or buy cuter workout clothes (WINNER!).

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