Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday

So today is the Boston Marathon. I'm not running :-) I'm tracking it sort of online. It's also Passover a holiday that my husband and his family celebrate. However, since he's working like crazy and his parents are just back from a big trip I'm putting together the dinner. Can we say - don't have too high expectations! The kids and I made Matzah Balls last night for the first time. It was fun. We used a mix. That will be the last time for a mix because I think it's like pancake mix ... matzah meal in a box, maybe some baking soda / powder is that a mix I need really?

To start today's post with the most current news I completed my swim workout without wanting to die or barf. I was very proud. It's still a mini workout compared to most but nonetheless I was happy. 1200 yds with a main set of 600 (unless I counted incorrectly which is always possible).

What else has been happening? Well I met my brother on the Key for a Brick workout on Saturday. We swam at the same time as the Hammerheads. I won't say "with" because they all swam a mile or so and I swam just past my favorite first buoy and back. 12 minutes. Jer swam further and faster ... no surprise there. It was not a tremendous achievement but it was pretty big surf and I didn't flip out so I was happy about that. I think the OWS practice is definitely going to help come race day. Oh wait that's this Saturday. Still it will help. Then we biked which was fun. We were apparently some of the few bikers who weren't hit by cars on the Key this weekend. That's a little joke but sadly I heard three bikers were hit. I hope they are okay. Watch for people on bikes drivers! That would have more impact if anybody read this blog except me :-) Then we ran. I walked 3 or 4 times and felt like a loser but I was out of gas.

In other non-triathlon news to report we had a discovery this week in the house. We're slowly working on landscaping the front yard. One of my new years resolutions (the one that isn't run a race every month) is to plant something or work on something in the yard every week. I had our handyman hack down a huge area of ugly ferns. They are ridiculous and ugly in my opinion and I'm always pretty sure there are snakes hiding in them. I'm all for snakes conceptually but I don't really want to have anything to do with them. After they were cut down it was already much better and we found 3 large stumps that were under. So the ferns were just a quick cover up by the previous owner when the trees died. Not a tremendous surprise this is the same person who stapled plastic orchids in her trees. When he started pulling up the roots we even found the original edging from when the trees had been there. It feels a little like an archeological dig or something. Every time I look under something I find a remnant of what was there before. Wild. I don't know if I'll keep the edging but it is fun to dig it up. And yes my yard really does need help. Slowly but surely - slowly but surely.

Also, I planted a Sago Palm - go me! Jack helped too. Go Jack! That's him in the little blue Vibram 5 Fingers :-)

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