Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Stuff - A tri by myself - NYC Marathon

Hopefully that got your attention :-)

Here's the scoop. My brother and his family are moving back to beautiful Minnesota. Yes you understand correctly they are moving from sunny Florida to chilly Minnesota. The upside is that they are staying with me for the next few days as their stuff is already on the moving truck. In the theme of truth in journalism let me add it's actually going onto the truck today. The downside is that they are moving away. Away from the sunshine state to the land o' lakes. It's 86 here today and apparently the forecast in Minnesota is 30 and possibly snow. In this scenario the downside is way worse than the upside. But as a result my brother who has been my tri-buddy is moving and I am forced to compete solo. Luckily as a result of doing so many races with him over the last year I know several people who I'll see out there. It will still be fun. Next triathlon race is Tri-Miami. I will race the sprint not the olympic distance triathlon. Back out to Key Biscayne. Time to practice my left-side breathing to avoid breathing into a wave.

In other news - this is much more exciting. I got into the NYC Marathon. Woot Woot! This was in fact the marathon that started my marathon mania. When I was a kid my dad's apartment was on West 85th and every fall we would walk into the park and see the finish. Maybe not every year but at least some years. Enough for it to stick in my memory. I even remember at least one year when it sparked a very brief jogging obsession with my dad. We ran together around the Central Park Resevoire. What didn't stick with him clearly became a lifetime hobby for me. When I sat down to write out my first bucket list this was on the list. It was run the NY Marathon - not run a bunch of random marathons because you can't get into the New York Marathon. Fast forward to my adulthood and my first marathon was January 2001 Disney which at the time was the closest to my home. I applied that year for the NY Lottery and didn't get in. Oh well, next year. Except oops I was getting married then and forgot. Oh well next year but wait the next year was baby #1. Okay apply again and then forget the next year. This wasn't a good plan because you have to apply 3 times consecutively to get the benefit of getting in. My husband mercilessly makes fun of me that I can't remember to do this. But I applied again last year and didn't get in. I think that was my 5th time but never in a row. Then again this year and Finally Finally Finally I got in. YIPPEE! Finally that is coming true. I'm very excited.

As a celebration I skipped both of my workouts yesterday. Oops. Actually I blame the chiropractor for that. About 20 minutes after my adjustment I get super sleepy. Is that normal?

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