Thursday, April 14, 2011

Priorities and Cauliflower

In the world of training this 'recovery' week continues. Today I was supposed to swim and run but it's only going to be a run because my daughter is home sick. I try to do my workouts while my kids are in school so that I don't have to leave them. In truth I could have pulled myself away and worked them both in.  But within the last year I actually closed a business in order to be more present for my kids. That being said it's hard for me to pull away from them even when they are driving me crazy. Today they aren't driving me crazy ... most of the time.

So, I've made some rules to help me prioritize. One of the rules is that if they ask me not to go when I'm heading out to train - I don't go. This usually applies early in the morning when I'm leaving. It hasn't happened in a while but my son used to be worried if he woke up and he saw I was leaving in the dark. In his little mind this was not good and I figured it wasn't worth scaring him for a few early morning miles. Another rule is that I try not to leave them to go train unless it's better for both of us. Today that means just the run for my sanity will do. Tomorrow I'll swim. Still I feel like I am not doing enough training this week.

Now about cauliflower. I've decided I don't like it. I don't mind it raw smothered with hummus or ranch but let's be honest that's all about liking ranch dressing and hummus not liking cauliflower. But it is supposed to be a healthy thing so last night dinner was center cut pork chops (on the grill) and cauliflower mash. Steamed the cauliflower - sauteed some onion and garlic threw it all in the food processor and swirled it around. It looks like mashed potatoes. But it tastes like cauliflower. I still don't like it. Covering it with cheese would help but I lead a pretty cheese free life so I didn't do that. I also try to avoid salt. That would make it better too but I left it out. I did eat it -- for the vitamins but I'm glad it's not on the menu today and I didn't pick up anymore cauliflower at the store.

Here is a picture of my fabulous grilled pork chop and my not so fabulous cauliflower mash.

I recently read a book about the Paleo Diet. Interesting read. It had a lot of fun stuff in it and I've been driving my family nuts with what it says. As a result of the book I've cut out a lot of dairy and grains.  I also have some random thoughts that pop into my head about the paleo man's diet. Like:  I'm pretty sure that if Paleo man had run into a potato he would have eaten it. I can't be sure of it but that's my thought. And also I'm pretty sure that if paleo man had been offered a choice between cauliflower or a bit of chocolate he would have quickly taken the chocolate. I know I felt much happier last night eating the Springtime colored Hershey's Kisses than forcing down the cauliflower.

And that's all I have to say about that today :-)

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