Monday, April 25, 2011

Race Review - Egg Hunt Triathlon

Egg Hunt Triathlon - CB Smith Park .25swim*/11bike/3.1run
My first official blog race review. So exciting. So many things to report.

This is my second tri of the season. Also second and final race of the season for me in the Broward Triathlon Series. I live in Miami-Dade and for the remainder of my local races I'm staying closer to home.  It is also my final local race with my little brother for the year as this week he and his family move back to Minnesota. I'm gonna miss them terribly.

Packet Pickup - Packet pickup for the Egg Hunt Triathlon was similar to the first race in that it was again available in only a short window on the Friday before the race. Since the kids were out of school we planned the day in Broward around an afternoon packet pick up. I wanted to save myself that 30 minutes the next morning. Ha! Read on to find out how that didn't work. We met my brother at the store and got numbers together (always fun). After packet pick up we learned that we were in the minority of racers not driving Yellow Nisson Xterras with multiple Ironman finisher stickers on the back. There were two Yellow Nisson Xterras. What are the odds? Weird I know.

All about the swag - On the way home I tried out the Quinoa (say it with me now, KEEEEENWAH) snack bar. Pretty yummy actually. I even ate a prune bc there are always 2 in the bag. I think clearly I was hungry. The shirt is green the standard Multirace issue but does have a cute egg graphic on the front. I think the shirts are a little weak but maybe I'd just prefer that they were more girlie.

Race Morning - Due to a power outage (thanks FPL for your standard reliability) I had to reset my bedroom clock the night before and I learned the next morning that I had a clock setting issue.  I did not sleep well at all but I bounded out of bed when the alarm went off and went through my routine. I was tired but who isn't at 4:30 am? I was sitting at my kitchen table eating my pre-race oatmeal and I noticed that the clock said 3:40. WHAT! I checked another clock and it confirmed it was 3:40 so I of course checked the ultimate authority on time - the iphone. Sure enough I was up an hour early. So, I went back to bed for another 45 minutes. It was my deepest sleep of the night but I did feel silly. Back up at the correct time I loaded up my equipment and headed out the door. I got to the race with plenty of time. I even took a quick cat nap in the parking lot before heading out to set up transition.

The Race Itself - .25Swim - This race for me was all about the swim. I got in with my brother and we did a mini warm up. The entry to the lake is my least favorite so far. Lots of little rocks and a gooey lake bottom. But the water was warm and clear with nothing to complain about. Warming up was one of my goals for this race so check it off the list. I think it did help. There was only one swim wave for girls. It was about 100 people. It seems a little absurd to me but not a big deal. I learned from the last race and set myself on the side and in the back. I let the first folks go and counted to five and then went on myself. My swim was AWESOME. The last race was filled with breastroke and panic and backstroke and I looked like death when I came out. This one I swam the whole way freestyle. I passed lots of people and enjoyed it. I came out ... wait for it ... running. I was totally psyched. My time was 12:09...hmmmm Houston we have a problem. If I can swim .25 3 weeks ago breaststroke and back float in 10:30 and then I really swim this one and it's 12:00 minutes somethings not right. My working theory is that the route was longer than .25 but the nice folks at multirace are not owning up to that and at the end of the day while it's annoying I still felt great!

T1 - 1:37 No notes here in out boom boom boom

Bike 11 miles - It was 2 loops in and around the park - it was fine. I don't like the loops because in the beginning you're passed by the super great folks and then after that you just have no idea are you ahead are you behind - what's going on. Give me an out and back any day. At the end I did get passed by somebody I knew who blew by me like I was standing still .... I have got to figure out how to do that. Time 39:27. I think that's improving bc my average is up to 16 mph. As a side note as my bike photos continue to highlight my extra lb in the mid section I am remotivated to do more sit ups...and maybe skip the post dinner trip to DQ.

T2 - 59 seconds. I know - you stand in awe even I'm impressed with myself :-) Just kidding it was a small area lots of people had t2s that were like 30 seconds.

Run 5k - The run course was also 2 loops but it was nice. There was a lot of shade. There were decorative eggs at the end. Including one that said, "Not done Yet!" Uncool ... uncool. I saw my brother on the course which was fun. I encouraged another Hammerhead to keep going. She was doing her first duathlon. And of course Shana blew past me on the second lap. She is super speedy. Time 29:36 Woot Woot and I beat my brother in the run segment by 12 seconds. This is up from 2 seconds in the last race.

As a last note - there is no egg hunt as a part of this race. My kids didn't need any more egg hunts so that's okay but seriously if you're going to call it the egg hunt - there should probably be an egg hunt ... I'm just saying.

Total time: 1:23:49 happy happy joy joy. This puts me 10 out of 16 in my age group. My reward to myself is going to be a tri bag I think ... or maybe aero bars .... hmmm so much to buy so little time.

Next race is Miami Tri out on the key. I'm going to continue to work on my swim and also put in more bike miles to improve that.

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