Monday, May 30, 2011

Product Review-Zoot Icefill Arm Coolers

That's me on the left there. This lovely image was taken by my new buddy Ray of the Hammerheads. This was also my first group ride that wasn't officially "beginner" so the training wheels are off!

It is sunny here in the sunshine state. Plus one of me Facebook friendies sent me a sappy video recently about melanoma. Plus, I have gotten very tan recently. At least the parts of me that are always exposed.

So, in my weekly trip to my favorite bike store, Mack Cycle in South Miami, I picked up these Zoot arm things. Okay, Zoot has a real name for them. Zoot Icefill Arm Coolers.

They are form fitting but pretty comfy when they are on. I'm not sure that they were cooler than without sleeves but I wasn't hotter than normal. And I did feel like I was protecting my skin.

They were also a good conversation starter before the group ride.

Like I said I picked mine up at my lbs (that's silly online code for local bike store). But you can also shop at the Zoot online store.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving

There haven't been many post this week from me.

Simple reasons really. First, I want to treat the a posts more like mini articles. Really think them through. That's going to create a small ebb while I build up the drafts and such. But I think it's a good idea in the long run.

Next, I've been busy training for my upcoming olympic distance triathlon. I'm about as ready as i'll be so that's good news. And parenting. The last weeks of school are nutty busy.

One of the highlights of my parenting this week is the fat lip I got from my son. I was putting him to sleep and I leaned in for the good night kiss. It was dark and we couldn't see each other. anyway little hard head came up as I went down. It was a fierce head butt. Luckily he was uninjured and I was the only one worse for wear. I nursed some ice that evening. Now we're 5 days later and while the swelling is down I still have a bruise and this is lovely I developed a sore where the swelling was. A canker. Ouch it hurts. I'll spare you the photos.

And on that note I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is the group ride. Water bottles are in the freezer and gu is packed and loaded. Actually, I'm out of my favorite plain gu so it's apple cinnamon hammer gel tomorrow. Not my fav but I'll live.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The carb fest has got to end

Starting Saturday after my brick workout through today I have just been eating whatever I wanted. So many grains and sweets and just crap. It has to end!

Ran today after tennis. Felt fine. I have a sore spot on the bottom of my foot from Sunday's bike I don't know what that's all about but it is something new. It was about 1000 degrees and I went at a snails pace. I felt like I was working hard but my heart rate was pretty low the whole time so I dunno. The pacing is still all off because the trusty FR60 is uncalibrated. Such a pain.

In other news usually Tuesday is date night with a movie but tonight we shook it up and got massages instead. It was a great switch. I love Massage Envy.
Now I'm off to put my wetsuit in the bathtub and clip my fingernails. Tomorrow is wetsuit practice day. I am going. To look like an idiot out there. But it's the right thing to do. Why, because I say so :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back and Forward

Looking Back at last week I didn't hit all my workouts which is never a great feeling.

Monday I meant to swim but I went to the grocery store instead. Can't quite do both and make pickup for the kids.
Tuesday Is tennis and a quick 3 mile run. It was supposed to be 4 but I daydreamed and turned around too early.
Wednesday Was a bike ride the traffic was a disaster in the grove so I didn't make it all the way to the bridge but it definitely forced me to get more comfortable in traffic.
Thursday I ran 6.5 after drop off it was hot-hot-hot but I did it. Thursday was also our last preschool mommy happy hour for the year. It's possible that I had 3 glasses of yummy Sangria. It's possible that made me sleepy the next day.
Friday I wanted to nap but I went to the pool. After 600 or so I wanted to puke so I called it a day.
Saturday I bricked with the Hammerheads. I did 3 buoys out and back and could have done more. Next the 12 mile bike loop.
Sunday to the turnpike and back on the bike. I did not want to get up but I had pigged out Saturday night at the gala so I got my lazy butt out of bed and biked. It was good but I do have a sore bottom :-)

I'm a little concerned that my run mileage is low. Maybe that's because I have the ny marathon on my mind.

In other news I had two acquaintances in the Texas Ironman Saturday. It was wild to be mentally thinking of them all day. It's one thing to think 16 hours. It's quite another to check their status through the day and think wow they are still on the bike or man they have just started the marathon.

Looking forward: this is the last week of preschool and so scheduling might be a challenge. Another way to say this is that it's going to take dedication. Early bedtimes and such. Highlights pal Ned for the week include trying out the bat suit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I learned how to pronounce this word by watching Jeopardy on tv.

Can't remember the question but I knew the answer was quinoa. When the contestant answered I was all, oooh that's how you saw it.

I had been saying: ki-know-ah.

The correct way to say it is: keen-wah.

What's even better about this story is that my sister-in-law saw the show also and made the same discovery.

Live and learn.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekly gratitude check-up

I had a pair of sheets when I was small. They had the Peanut characters on them. They said, happiness is ... And then had a bunch of different answers. The one I've always remembered is Happiness is wanting what you have. I think that's pretty deep for a set of bedding.

This past weekend we were visiting my in-laws. My father in law has a new hip so we were spreading recovery cheer. My husband stumbled upon some books he remembered from childhood. So, he snagged them and brought them home. One was the Peanuts book of this same series.

Got me thinking about gratitude and happiness.

Also in my research of the blogosphere I found another blogger who posts weekly about things she's grateful for. I love it and so I'm stealing that idea. 25 random things from the previous week I'm thankful for.

1. Benedryl - my son has severe allergies and a trip to a local yogurt store was a bit yucky this week.
2. Sunshine
3. Funny movies - saw Bridesmaids this week.
4. Coffee in the morning
5. Ice cold water
6. Armor all wipes
7. Finding my iPod.
8. Not being run over by an aggravated driver while biking in a traffic jam.
9. Preschool - there's just no place like it.
10. Pretty flowers in my house.
11. Working air conditioning - it's hot here already.
12. Blackout shades
13. Speedy race results from multi race
14. Tylenol pm
15. Not falling off my bike
16. First grade play dates.
17. The climbing tree.
18. Good friends to have coffee with during gymnastics
19. Cold beer
20. Basketball playoffs
21. Good weather for the race this weekend.
22. Online weather services to obsess about the weather for the race
23. Swimming with the current versus against it.
24. Adelle (I love her song)
25. Having my family cheer me on during my most recent race this week.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tri-Miami Race Review

I'm pretty thrilled to have a local tri this season. Packet pickup was super easy at Mack Cycle. A nice little bag of swag with the regular stuff and a bonus coffee sample from Jittery Joe's Coffee. I love samples as a matter of fact I would say to those who sponsor a race, "hey either put in a freebie or a coupon because I'm gonna throw everything else away" :-)

This race is my first without my brother. So, I carpooled with Roni and it was her first tri so that was good because she was so nervous I didn't have to be.

We met up with our other school mom tri friend Katie in the Transistion area. She beat me but I expected she would because she's faster.  I also found Shana who is a tri-firend who I met through my brother. She also beat me because she's also faster.

I had been glued to the weather channel since yesterday because there was a forecast of 20 mile hour winds. That would be bad for my swim. I was thrilled that it was only 8 miles an hour. But that's still pretty windy.

This race had an Olympic distance race as well so we had to be there way way way before our start. Like we arrived at 5:30 for a 7:45 start. Ick. Also we had to clear transition before the start of the Olympic distance so we were on the beach early. We watched them start and we watched them struggle in the surf. The Olympic course was out and back and the first half was against the wind, waves and currents. It looked challenging and I was happy to only be swimming the 440 with the wind and current. We warmed up and luckily my open water swimming has come a long way because it wasn't bad really. Then we waited. Everybody admired my pre-race chia and white grape juice drink ... not really.
Katie. I love this picture. She got a full night's rest and so she was full of cheer.
Roni warming up. She's great!

Swim 440 8:59
The swim was okay. I let the group go at the start and counted to 5. I met them at the buoy so I'm not sure if that's the best tactic. I did use the pinwheel I learned at the clinic to round the buoy and that was good but I did head off course to the right after that. So I swam some extra. I knew I was off because I didn't see any bubbles from kicking feet. So I adjusted and headed home. It was uneventful and I felt strong enough to run up the sand the whole way into transition. It's a long run 1/4 mile over the sand for those who don't know the course. As is tradition I emerged from the water 2 seconds ahead of Shana and she passed me on the sand.

T1 - 5:00

Bike 12.4 47:20
The bike is an old familiar route so that was good. I was lapped by many speedy olympic distance speedsters at the start. I love that. I was also passed by my friend Melissa - to be expected and I passed Shana - also expected. This course is nice and wide so as long as you stay to the right they just zip past you and it's fun. I thought I was going against the wind on the way out. I was wrong about that. There were a lot of first timers in this race. Maybe in every race. But what I've learned is that the first timers forget to go back to the right after they pass. No biggie. When we got to the William Powell bridge I was ready. I actually passed 2 people going up. Then I felt the wind at the top and I did not know what to do. I felt like it was going to push me sideways. It was pushing me sideways so I slowed down a lot on the way down. I'm not sure if that was the best thing but I was a bit freaked. Then back up on the other side where I passed one person -- This is a big deal -- I am a terrible climber. I even got a compliment from a serious gearhead at the top who said, that was good stuff as he blew past me. But I loved the compliment. Then I did better on this downhill but still freaking with the wind.

At the bottom I learned that I would be going back into the wind. Bummer - major bummer. It was slow and hard. But I didn't get passed by anybody that wasn't in the olympic distance on the way back and that always feels good.

T2 1:34
I have never felt the dead legs going into the run. I had recently been told that meant I wasn't pushing hard enough on the bike and that the bike wasn't very long. Aha an end to that. Today I had the dead legs but only for a bit which means I have more to give on the bike. This is also shown by my mediocre bike split time.

Run 29:46
The run felt hard from the get go so I just settled into a rhythm and stuck with it. I didn't wear my watch so I felt like it was a slow pace but I just pushed as hard as I could. It was hot also which is a drag. I chatted with a few folks and saw George from Footworks and Hammerheads. That was fun. Shana passed me at the 2 mile mark. Also expected she is a speedster. Since I was familiar with the course I knew when to pick up the pace and I did and I ran in just ahead of my rabbit in the green swimsuit. I had pushed hard enough because I had to go to the side because I thought I was gonna hurl. Turned out I didn't but that means I didn't wimp out on the course and I'm gonna be happy with that. 

Overall I took 9/18 in my age group with 1:32:41. I am Amy Mid-pack. I want to move up and to do that it means a faster bike and a faster run. I'll tackle those later. For those who care Shana was 8th and Katie was 5th in our age group. Roni was in the FT division she took 3rd overall. She did a great job.

I was so thrilled that my family came out to cheer me on. They saw me at the bike dismount and at the finish. It was awesome. This is a special treat because my husband would always rather sleep in and meet me at home.
My cheering section - after they hit the beach.
Remember Jittery Joes who put the coffee in the swag bag? They also came to the race and gave out free coffee. I love them. I repeat I love them. Coffee with actual half and half. Plus it turns out that there was a whole Shana Connection. Gotta love that.
Shana and the lovely Jittery Joes person who served me hot coffee.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Product Review - Hydroflask an insulated reusable water bottle

I found this product with the help of my brother but he didn't buy one. We all follow this bargain website called the Clymb. It had a special on Sigg bottles. At my house we went Sigg crazy last year. There are a few problems with the Sigg bottles. First, I say from experience do not drop one on your bare toes. Ouch! That problem with a Sigg bottle can be avoided but the more annoying problem is that they aren't insulated. So here in the tropics your cold drink doesn't stay cold. This is further compounded by the fact that the Sigg bottle sweats and gets everything around it wet. Seriously annoying. So our love affair with the Sigg bottles was short.

Back to the sale. My sister-in-law stocked up on rad Siggs and we were chatting about this near the pool. I expressed my issues and my brother ( he can be like having your own personal encyclopedia of randomness ... It's a good thing) sent me the link for the Hydroflask. Did I mention that we were all sitting around a table facebooking from our phones ... probably updating each others status's. Ahh the modern conversation. I promptly ordered 2 from my phone. Always a challenge but my laptop was at least 20 feet away so it was the best option. Okay, perhaps I was being lazy.

It took over a week to arrive with the cheapest shipping. It did try my patience but I suppose I'm spoiled by Zappos. Actually, I take that back I do think all online retailers should ship like Zappos. In this day and age why not.

They arrived today. They were well packed and my kids were thrilled. I ordered these for my kids to take to summer camp so I ordered the sport bottle tops to go with. To be honest I think that the basic tops are pretty useless for kids unless your kids happen to be more talented than mine which is always possible. The sport tops were a challenge to install. You have to force a ring around the top. In fact, I put my sons on wrong and it leaked. Oops.
Our new spiffy Hydroflask Bottles with their original tops.

But once I remedied that they appear pretty good. They did keep the drinks cold and they don't sweat. Tomorrow I'll send them to school and we'll see what happens.
Hydroflask insulated bottle With the sport bottle tops on them. They have an extra cap that comes with that I found problematic to install but I might be challenged by basic tasks like this. I'll admit it could be me. Then again my 4 year old broke his in 1 day so it might be the sport bottle top.

The next day in the first day my son managed to break his sport bottle top. I think it was just defective because it was only his. He just pulled the nib off completely. I called Hydroflask and they have sent a new one. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm happy with their service. The did call right back and we managed to get it worked out in 2 days which is pretty fast given the time difference. I'm in Miami - they're in Oregon.

In the few days we've been using the bottles we give them a solid thumbs up. The water stays ice cold all day even in the hot Florida sun. I fill my daughters and she leaves it in the car and when I pick her up from school it's still ice cold which she appreciates after being outside in the pick up line for 5 or 10 minutes.  At preschool the Hydroflask bottle has attracted a lot of attention from the other mommies. Cold water is important in the summer here in the tropics.

In other tidbits the hook is easy to grab and I can carry both in one hand. It did cause a major ruckus that they don't fit in the lunch box. Sigg does have a smaller size than this and maybe that's why. Who knows we worked it out at our house by putting away the retro Lightning McQueen metal box for a soft sided lunch box - Spiderman if you must know and it fit. Peace at last. They are also very easy to clean. We've dropped each bottle once - they are for the kids after all so it was bound to happen - and they seem to be none the worse for wear. I haven't tried them with anything hot yet so I don't know how they insulate.

In conclusion, I'm a fan. I love that their packaging and materials are cute and funny. I think I'll order one for myself because I'm jealous of my kids icy water in the car. But I do hope that they will improve their shipping time and just include it in the price. I think extra charges for shipping are dumb. I also think that the sport top could be better I don't know how. That's their job but I'm sure they'll make some good changes soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better Out than in

Today I went out and met a friend on the key for an open water swim. She is getting ready for her first tri this weekend so I wanted to do what I could to reduce her anxiety. We did about 800 yards. I onlybpanicked once that I saw something in the water. I then went on to do a bike ride. It was just shorter than the ride will be Sunday.

During this training schedule Wednesdays which are a swim and bike have been my biggest challenge. I hate the stationary bike and honestly I'm not a huge fan of the pool. But today was awesome. So I just think that I so much prefer exercising outside than inside.

Good to know :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tri-Miami race preview

Tri-Miami is this weekend. It will be my first race without my lil'bro. I'll be fine I'm not worried about that. It may not be quite as fun without him but we'll see. We had some race traditions like the pre-race photo that I'll need to update. I am looking forward to a race close to home. This is also the first race I'm bringing my family to this year.

The Course
Tri-miami offers two distances: sprint and Olympic. I'm doing the sprint because a 1600m swim is too far for me still. The sprint is .25swim, 12 mile bike and 5k's all on Key Biscayne.

The Goals
I'm hoping for a reliable .25 swim and if that's the case then I'm shooting for a swim under 10 minutes. This was actually my goal at the Egg Hunt but I think the swim was long. I don't have an estimate for the bike because I don't have a 12 mile time. For the run my goal is 29 minutes. My last goal is a race weight of 120. So that means being clean and healthy all week :-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Open Water Swim Clinic Review

This morning I attended an open water swim clinic on Key Biscayne. I did this instead of my regular workout with the local triathlon club Team Hammerheads. This was through them though so I didn't have to choose one over the other.

It was a beautiful morning but I was a little bleary eyed because it was a light sleep night with a sick kiddo at home. I'll spare you the details but there was fever and barfing involved (the kiddo not me) and while I embrace nighttime parenting I'll admit I wasn't all cheery throughout the night. In fact, I'll admit that at one point I was pretty openly praying for just an hour of uninterrupted sleep. This was of course followed by a few moments of parental guilt for not being more patient with my feverish daughter.

Bright and early I headed out to the beach. Even though I knew from an email from my running buddy Max that today was the ALS race in Coconut Grove I forgot and headed that way out to the key. Unfortunately I realized too late when I was stuck behind the cone distributing truck. Bummer. Major bummer. But I did get through. I did think at least once that perhaps it wasn't meant to be first the sick kiddo, then the bad route out. But I kept plugging.

Once there I helped out a stranded 20 something who had partied all night only to find his car with a dead battery. Then I met up with my friends Katie and a separate tri friend Phillip. I also saw other running friends Frieda and Max. It was a big group. We warmed up. We practiced sighting. Gary recommends separating sighting from breathing. I'm sure that's a good plan but I wasn't able to put it together I sort of sight and breath a little bit all at once. My favorite thing I learned was a corkscrew around the buoy which I think will speed me up in the races if I can manage it without barfing. The other thing we practiced which was very helpful was he squished us all up together and we practiced swimming in a tight group. I hate that feeling so that was good to practice in a safe environment.

Afterward Katie and Ahmed a new hammerhead we met today biked 11 miles. He is a veteran cyclist and he also shared some great tips including where to turn around easily on the key (7-11 just go around the roundabout) and after the toll go to the light and go back with traffic. Those were major improvements from how I was previously doing it. I am still so painfully slow going up the bridge. So painfully abysmally slow. I'm not sure what to do about that. In good news the new fit is much more comfortable and the new hand position is much better.

Tomorrow is mother's day. My kiddo is still running a high fever so our plans to visit the grandparents are canceled. But I'll enjoy spending the morning / day with my family and kiddos.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Embrace the chaos

This morning in sunny South Florida I woke up to a monsoon. Pretty normal weather here in the tropics in the summer. I actually heard it start raining very early (5 ish) and got up to check the little sickling. She wasn't in her pink princess bed so I checked my bed and she was snuggled up next to her dad a little feverish sweaty mess. I was pretty happy that she was sweaty and hoped for a good day today. Why was I not in bed with my husband ... well, he snores. That for those who know him is the understatement of the day. So most nights I end up in another bed for the majority of the night. So after checking on her I went back to sleep for another few hours. I love to sleep to the sound of rain.

Fast forward a few hours and my oldest kiddo felt great and wanted to go to school. Today was "no uniform day" and since she had missed "crazy sock day" yesterday this was a day that couldn't be missed. I did give her an extra dose of Motrin to send her on her way.

I came home after and did a few things and then headed off to the pool. But when I got there I realized I didn't have my own keychain with my gym ID. Drat but not a big deal. I checked that I didn't have something that would be a problem for my husband and then had them check me in. Then I get to the locker room and I realize that I also don't have my goggles. AACK Not having goggles for this pool is a deal breaker. Seriously I think the pool smells pretty funky on a good day and my eyes burn a bit even when I wear my goggles. So believe it or not I hightailed it back home picked up my goggles and went back to the gym. What a colossal pain! But finally I was back and ready to swim. I am now even more convinced that I need a set gym bag that just stays in the car with the regular stuff needed so that I can't do things like forget goggles or whatever.

I learned today or relearned today is to work hard to not skip swim workouts. I hadn't swum since Saturday. I felt very off. My weak side breathing was similar to drowning and while my long set was supposed to be 700 yards after 550 I stopped and almost puked in the pool. Yuck. I was able to complete the set after a few minutes but that has got to be the worst feeling. It sneaks up on me I feel a little off and then all of a sudden * blamo * impending puking. Luckily I did not actually vomit. That would have been embarrassing.

So, tomorrow is an open water swim clinic on Key Biscayne. I'm excited. This is by Gary Fahey who is the local Total Immersion coach but he's based in Davie which is about an hour from here. So it's nice that he'll be closer.  It's also a big enough attraction that I will actually know people out there from my other activities. In fact, I have a plan to bike with somebody I know from my daughter's school after. Good times. Good times.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am a flexible noodle

My daughter is sick today. Aside from the obvious confusion about why my daughter gets a high fever every few weeks resulting in so far 10 missed days from school this year this does put a hiccup in my training for the day. Ten days does seem like a lot doesn't it? We're in a new school that's what I've been telling myself all year. New school, new germs, new friends equals a year of colds. I dunno I hardly ever get fevers as an adult so I'm a bad judge I think of how often kids should get sick.

So, instead of swimming and running I'm watching Barbie Island Princess with my kiddo. A Barbie masterpiece to be sure. It actually has a very catchy song that gets stuck in my head for days.

Initially I was frustrated but then I remember that she'll only be 7 this one year. Someday she'll be too big to stay home sick. She'll be too big to feel better when I give her hugs. So, I'm going with the flow. I'm as flexible as a noodle. Repeat: I'm as flexible as a noodle, really.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fabulous Bike Refit

Today the schedule is to bike and swim. But I don't think it's all happening. In the never ending attempt to balance all things parenting with all things fitness I have to admit I am much happier if I can shower before I pick the kids up from school so I'm ditching the swim for a shower. I'll add it in tomorrow.

Today I went in for a bike refit. I have pain in my right shoulder and numbness in my right hand which might be caused by biking. Many people would say, okay, stop biking. Nope, get refit on the bike and figure out why it went numb is my answer. Then bike more :-)

I am realizing now that I should have taken my trusty camera to the bike shop where I had the fitting. It is the world's best bike shop. Except of course for yours. Okay let me revise, it's the best bike shop in my neighborhood. Mack Cycle in South Miami. They are wonderful I think. I thought they opened at 9 but it was 10 had it been 9 I might have been able to squeeze my swim in but it's all good. I was fit by Juan - you can think of him as super Juan because last season during one of the trilogy races he survived a bike crash into a car at the bottom of the Key Biscayne bridge into a overzealous police car. Ouch!

He adjusted just a few things on my fit. He also adjusted my hand position because where I was holding is apparently instant finger numbness. Also I need to remember to bend my elbows. I know that but I forget when I'm on the bike. I went for a bike ride afterwards and it is much more comfortable. I was thwacked by a few gigantic bugs YUCK! I also practiced getting the bottle out while riding  and I didn't fall down at all. Okay well I almost fell once but I didn't fall so it doesn't count. Now with any luck I can get the feeling back into my fingers. That would be really exciting.

This is my old grip. Not in the right place at all; but I didn't know that clearly.

This is the handlebar without my hand. You can see the dirt from where I held the bike handle right at the bend. This is the "wrong" place to hold.

This is the new grip. My whole hand is on the black part of the handles. My fingers are all the way wrapped around the shifters. It also makes my arms come forward and forces my wrist to the outside of the handles. The hands should be loosely holding the bike without a lot of pressure in the space between the thumb and pointer finger.

Another tidbit that Juan shared with me is about keeping my shoulders relaxed. I told him people had suggested that but I wasn't having much luck. He said to make sure my elbows are bent and my neck is loose and to engage my core. I confessed that I wasn't entirely sure how to engage my core and luckily he didn't laugh. He said to focus on putting power into the downward pushing of the pedals and that that engages the core and should let the upper body relax. I think that will be helpful because it's something I can understand.

Oh and in other biking news I dropped off my hubby's bike for repair and to be set up to trailer a kid trailer and picked up a second trailer this one a little bigger. So now we have 2 and can go out for a family ride. Stay tuned for pics of us and the alligators as a family.

Now off to the shower.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tennis Tuesdays

Okay I'm finished with my one day pity party. It was 39 when they got to Minnesota today so I'm happy they made it safely and I think it's a cold place to live so I am happy with my warm weather here. I do think Minneapolis is an awesome city but cold weather is the understatement. Now back to me.

I still have two numb fingers on my right hand. Were this blog to have any readers I would ask for suggestions of what to do. As it is just me chatting to myself I'm just going to keep stretching and chiropracting and see what happens. I am having a bike re-fit session tomorrow so we'll see if I glean any good tips there or if there happens to be anything off in my fit as a chance. Plus, I'll pick up a new pair of shorts I think for a longer ride next week. This week Sunday is Mother's Day so I don't know if I'll be riding with the group or not.

Today is tennis day so I played tennis today. It's not great for keeping in shape but it's fun. I play with friends and it's a good time. I also have it on the schedule to run which I'll do while the kiddos are in gymnastics. It's hot then but that's good training in itself and I have nothing else to do then.

I also signed up for an open water swim workshop for this weekend. I'm very excited.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I'm taking a day off. There are two reasons.

First, I get sleepy after I visit the chiropractor. This is my third visit because I have numbness in two fingers on my right hand. This came when I ramped up my training. Probably from the biking ... or the swimming  - not sure there. But last week I found a chiropractor to try and make it better. I think it's better (I started with 3 numb fingers so there is improvement). The first visit I went straight from the office to the pool. After that lunch and I fell asleep just after. The next visit I had to come home first before I hit the pool and I noticed that I was soooo tired. So I rested. Today I was watching for the feeling. I don't know if that's good or bad or I'm making it up. Who knows. But I feel a lot like resting so I rest.

Next, We just finished a great week long visit with my brother and his family. It was a great week. But it ended with them moving back to Minnesota. They've only been here a year and I knew that they were leaving so none of this is a surprise but now that it's here I am sad. I'm only sad because they will be farther away. I hope they are as happy as ever in Minnesota. They left this morning so I'm giving myself one day off today. And tomorrow it's back with the program :-)