Friday, May 6, 2011

Embrace the chaos

This morning in sunny South Florida I woke up to a monsoon. Pretty normal weather here in the tropics in the summer. I actually heard it start raining very early (5 ish) and got up to check the little sickling. She wasn't in her pink princess bed so I checked my bed and she was snuggled up next to her dad a little feverish sweaty mess. I was pretty happy that she was sweaty and hoped for a good day today. Why was I not in bed with my husband ... well, he snores. That for those who know him is the understatement of the day. So most nights I end up in another bed for the majority of the night. So after checking on her I went back to sleep for another few hours. I love to sleep to the sound of rain.

Fast forward a few hours and my oldest kiddo felt great and wanted to go to school. Today was "no uniform day" and since she had missed "crazy sock day" yesterday this was a day that couldn't be missed. I did give her an extra dose of Motrin to send her on her way.

I came home after and did a few things and then headed off to the pool. But when I got there I realized I didn't have my own keychain with my gym ID. Drat but not a big deal. I checked that I didn't have something that would be a problem for my husband and then had them check me in. Then I get to the locker room and I realize that I also don't have my goggles. AACK Not having goggles for this pool is a deal breaker. Seriously I think the pool smells pretty funky on a good day and my eyes burn a bit even when I wear my goggles. So believe it or not I hightailed it back home picked up my goggles and went back to the gym. What a colossal pain! But finally I was back and ready to swim. I am now even more convinced that I need a set gym bag that just stays in the car with the regular stuff needed so that I can't do things like forget goggles or whatever.

I learned today or relearned today is to work hard to not skip swim workouts. I hadn't swum since Saturday. I felt very off. My weak side breathing was similar to drowning and while my long set was supposed to be 700 yards after 550 I stopped and almost puked in the pool. Yuck. I was able to complete the set after a few minutes but that has got to be the worst feeling. It sneaks up on me I feel a little off and then all of a sudden * blamo * impending puking. Luckily I did not actually vomit. That would have been embarrassing.

So, tomorrow is an open water swim clinic on Key Biscayne. I'm excited. This is by Gary Fahey who is the local Total Immersion coach but he's based in Davie which is about an hour from here. So it's nice that he'll be closer.  It's also a big enough attraction that I will actually know people out there from my other activities. In fact, I have a plan to bike with somebody I know from my daughter's school after. Good times. Good times.

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