Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fabulous Bike Refit

Today the schedule is to bike and swim. But I don't think it's all happening. In the never ending attempt to balance all things parenting with all things fitness I have to admit I am much happier if I can shower before I pick the kids up from school so I'm ditching the swim for a shower. I'll add it in tomorrow.

Today I went in for a bike refit. I have pain in my right shoulder and numbness in my right hand which might be caused by biking. Many people would say, okay, stop biking. Nope, get refit on the bike and figure out why it went numb is my answer. Then bike more :-)

I am realizing now that I should have taken my trusty camera to the bike shop where I had the fitting. It is the world's best bike shop. Except of course for yours. Okay let me revise, it's the best bike shop in my neighborhood. Mack Cycle in South Miami. They are wonderful I think. I thought they opened at 9 but it was 10 had it been 9 I might have been able to squeeze my swim in but it's all good. I was fit by Juan - you can think of him as super Juan because last season during one of the trilogy races he survived a bike crash into a car at the bottom of the Key Biscayne bridge into a overzealous police car. Ouch!

He adjusted just a few things on my fit. He also adjusted my hand position because where I was holding is apparently instant finger numbness. Also I need to remember to bend my elbows. I know that but I forget when I'm on the bike. I went for a bike ride afterwards and it is much more comfortable. I was thwacked by a few gigantic bugs YUCK! I also practiced getting the bottle out while riding  and I didn't fall down at all. Okay well I almost fell once but I didn't fall so it doesn't count. Now with any luck I can get the feeling back into my fingers. That would be really exciting.

This is my old grip. Not in the right place at all; but I didn't know that clearly.

This is the handlebar without my hand. You can see the dirt from where I held the bike handle right at the bend. This is the "wrong" place to hold.

This is the new grip. My whole hand is on the black part of the handles. My fingers are all the way wrapped around the shifters. It also makes my arms come forward and forces my wrist to the outside of the handles. The hands should be loosely holding the bike without a lot of pressure in the space between the thumb and pointer finger.

Another tidbit that Juan shared with me is about keeping my shoulders relaxed. I told him people had suggested that but I wasn't having much luck. He said to make sure my elbows are bent and my neck is loose and to engage my core. I confessed that I wasn't entirely sure how to engage my core and luckily he didn't laugh. He said to focus on putting power into the downward pushing of the pedals and that that engages the core and should let the upper body relax. I think that will be helpful because it's something I can understand.

Oh and in other biking news I dropped off my hubby's bike for repair and to be set up to trailer a kid trailer and picked up a second trailer this one a little bigger. So now we have 2 and can go out for a family ride. Stay tuned for pics of us and the alligators as a family.

Now off to the shower.

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