Saturday, May 7, 2011

Open Water Swim Clinic Review

This morning I attended an open water swim clinic on Key Biscayne. I did this instead of my regular workout with the local triathlon club Team Hammerheads. This was through them though so I didn't have to choose one over the other.

It was a beautiful morning but I was a little bleary eyed because it was a light sleep night with a sick kiddo at home. I'll spare you the details but there was fever and barfing involved (the kiddo not me) and while I embrace nighttime parenting I'll admit I wasn't all cheery throughout the night. In fact, I'll admit that at one point I was pretty openly praying for just an hour of uninterrupted sleep. This was of course followed by a few moments of parental guilt for not being more patient with my feverish daughter.

Bright and early I headed out to the beach. Even though I knew from an email from my running buddy Max that today was the ALS race in Coconut Grove I forgot and headed that way out to the key. Unfortunately I realized too late when I was stuck behind the cone distributing truck. Bummer. Major bummer. But I did get through. I did think at least once that perhaps it wasn't meant to be first the sick kiddo, then the bad route out. But I kept plugging.

Once there I helped out a stranded 20 something who had partied all night only to find his car with a dead battery. Then I met up with my friends Katie and a separate tri friend Phillip. I also saw other running friends Frieda and Max. It was a big group. We warmed up. We practiced sighting. Gary recommends separating sighting from breathing. I'm sure that's a good plan but I wasn't able to put it together I sort of sight and breath a little bit all at once. My favorite thing I learned was a corkscrew around the buoy which I think will speed me up in the races if I can manage it without barfing. The other thing we practiced which was very helpful was he squished us all up together and we practiced swimming in a tight group. I hate that feeling so that was good to practice in a safe environment.

Afterward Katie and Ahmed a new hammerhead we met today biked 11 miles. He is a veteran cyclist and he also shared some great tips including where to turn around easily on the key (7-11 just go around the roundabout) and after the toll go to the light and go back with traffic. Those were major improvements from how I was previously doing it. I am still so painfully slow going up the bridge. So painfully abysmally slow. I'm not sure what to do about that. In good news the new fit is much more comfortable and the new hand position is much better.

Tomorrow is mother's day. My kiddo is still running a high fever so our plans to visit the grandparents are canceled. But I'll enjoy spending the morning / day with my family and kiddos.

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