Friday, May 13, 2011

Product Review - Hydroflask an insulated reusable water bottle

I found this product with the help of my brother but he didn't buy one. We all follow this bargain website called the Clymb. It had a special on Sigg bottles. At my house we went Sigg crazy last year. There are a few problems with the Sigg bottles. First, I say from experience do not drop one on your bare toes. Ouch! That problem with a Sigg bottle can be avoided but the more annoying problem is that they aren't insulated. So here in the tropics your cold drink doesn't stay cold. This is further compounded by the fact that the Sigg bottle sweats and gets everything around it wet. Seriously annoying. So our love affair with the Sigg bottles was short.

Back to the sale. My sister-in-law stocked up on rad Siggs and we were chatting about this near the pool. I expressed my issues and my brother ( he can be like having your own personal encyclopedia of randomness ... It's a good thing) sent me the link for the Hydroflask. Did I mention that we were all sitting around a table facebooking from our phones ... probably updating each others status's. Ahh the modern conversation. I promptly ordered 2 from my phone. Always a challenge but my laptop was at least 20 feet away so it was the best option. Okay, perhaps I was being lazy.

It took over a week to arrive with the cheapest shipping. It did try my patience but I suppose I'm spoiled by Zappos. Actually, I take that back I do think all online retailers should ship like Zappos. In this day and age why not.

They arrived today. They were well packed and my kids were thrilled. I ordered these for my kids to take to summer camp so I ordered the sport bottle tops to go with. To be honest I think that the basic tops are pretty useless for kids unless your kids happen to be more talented than mine which is always possible. The sport tops were a challenge to install. You have to force a ring around the top. In fact, I put my sons on wrong and it leaked. Oops.
Our new spiffy Hydroflask Bottles with their original tops.

But once I remedied that they appear pretty good. They did keep the drinks cold and they don't sweat. Tomorrow I'll send them to school and we'll see what happens.
Hydroflask insulated bottle With the sport bottle tops on them. They have an extra cap that comes with that I found problematic to install but I might be challenged by basic tasks like this. I'll admit it could be me. Then again my 4 year old broke his in 1 day so it might be the sport bottle top.

The next day in the first day my son managed to break his sport bottle top. I think it was just defective because it was only his. He just pulled the nib off completely. I called Hydroflask and they have sent a new one. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm happy with their service. The did call right back and we managed to get it worked out in 2 days which is pretty fast given the time difference. I'm in Miami - they're in Oregon.

In the few days we've been using the bottles we give them a solid thumbs up. The water stays ice cold all day even in the hot Florida sun. I fill my daughters and she leaves it in the car and when I pick her up from school it's still ice cold which she appreciates after being outside in the pick up line for 5 or 10 minutes.  At preschool the Hydroflask bottle has attracted a lot of attention from the other mommies. Cold water is important in the summer here in the tropics.

In other tidbits the hook is easy to grab and I can carry both in one hand. It did cause a major ruckus that they don't fit in the lunch box. Sigg does have a smaller size than this and maybe that's why. Who knows we worked it out at our house by putting away the retro Lightning McQueen metal box for a soft sided lunch box - Spiderman if you must know and it fit. Peace at last. They are also very easy to clean. We've dropped each bottle once - they are for the kids after all so it was bound to happen - and they seem to be none the worse for wear. I haven't tried them with anything hot yet so I don't know how they insulate.

In conclusion, I'm a fan. I love that their packaging and materials are cute and funny. I think I'll order one for myself because I'm jealous of my kids icy water in the car. But I do hope that they will improve their shipping time and just include it in the price. I think extra charges for shipping are dumb. I also think that the sport top could be better I don't know how. That's their job but I'm sure they'll make some good changes soon.

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