Monday, May 30, 2011

Product Review-Zoot Icefill Arm Coolers

That's me on the left there. This lovely image was taken by my new buddy Ray of the Hammerheads. This was also my first group ride that wasn't officially "beginner" so the training wheels are off!

It is sunny here in the sunshine state. Plus one of me Facebook friendies sent me a sappy video recently about melanoma. Plus, I have gotten very tan recently. At least the parts of me that are always exposed.

So, in my weekly trip to my favorite bike store, Mack Cycle in South Miami, I picked up these Zoot arm things. Okay, Zoot has a real name for them. Zoot Icefill Arm Coolers.

They are form fitting but pretty comfy when they are on. I'm not sure that they were cooler than without sleeves but I wasn't hotter than normal. And I did feel like I was protecting my skin.

They were also a good conversation starter before the group ride.

Like I said I picked mine up at my lbs (that's silly online code for local bike store). But you can also shop at the Zoot online store.

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