Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tennis Tuesdays

Okay I'm finished with my one day pity party. It was 39 when they got to Minnesota today so I'm happy they made it safely and I think it's a cold place to live so I am happy with my warm weather here. I do think Minneapolis is an awesome city but cold weather is the understatement. Now back to me.

I still have two numb fingers on my right hand. Were this blog to have any readers I would ask for suggestions of what to do. As it is just me chatting to myself I'm just going to keep stretching and chiropracting and see what happens. I am having a bike re-fit session tomorrow so we'll see if I glean any good tips there or if there happens to be anything off in my fit as a chance. Plus, I'll pick up a new pair of shorts I think for a longer ride next week. This week Sunday is Mother's Day so I don't know if I'll be riding with the group or not.

Today is tennis day so I played tennis today. It's not great for keeping in shape but it's fun. I play with friends and it's a good time. I also have it on the schedule to run which I'll do while the kiddos are in gymnastics. It's hot then but that's good training in itself and I have nothing else to do then.

I also signed up for an open water swim workshop for this weekend. I'm very excited.

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