Monday, June 27, 2011

Marathon Training Monday - 18 weeks until the NYC Marathon

Monday is my rest day. I've decided that it's going to be the day that I use to review the previous weeks training for the New York Marathon and review my plan for the current weeks training.

I have 3 things I want to work on getting ready for the race.

  • get stronger - concentrating on getting a strong core
  • get faster - incorporating hills and speedwork to my training
  • go longer - working on endurance without injury
This week I logged 20 miles. That's not yet very high but it felt like a lot of running days. That was three four-mile runs and one eight mile run.It's a change to have so much running in the calendar. I didn't miss the pool but I did miss the open water swim on Saturday. I also missed my group cycle but this week that fell on the day of my son's birthday so I took that day off and it was all good. 

I did no cross-training this week. This wasn't on purpose but just happened as a result of needing to be home waiting for the air conditioning repair person for two days in a row. This is, of course, a weak excuse but I'm letting it slide for this week.

I am trying to plan with a purpose for this race. I reread John Parker's Heart Rate Training for Compleat Idiot's book and I am just about finished with Friel's Total Heart Rate Training book. So I am trying to use my heart rate monitor to keep me honest as I train. This means my first run of the week on Tuesday was a recovery run keeping my hr below 142. This is sooo slow that I do a lot of walking and it feels weird but so far I'm trusting the plan. Parker says that if I stick to the plan I will be able to run faster at this lower rate eventually but it hasn't happened much yet.  This week my next run was a hill workout (we only have one hill so that's where I ran). I forgot my heart rate monitor on that run but I didn't worry too much about it and just concentrated on my form. I'm pretty sure my heart rate was plenty up going up the hill.  Thursday I went to the good form running clinic. My next run was a tempo run on Friday. This was a one mile warm up  heart rate < 142 and then 2 miles at 80%. I'll admit I went over 80% toward the end of the second mile but I didn't want to walk to bring my heart rate down. I was also trying to concentrate on keeping my cadence high during this run so there was a lot going on. Then the last mile is cool down and to be honest I had to walk about 1/2 mile before my heart rate settled into the cool down zone. I'm not sure I completely understand this workout. I basically have 2 questions. Parker says he doesn't much care what you do on the harder days so in that case I'm thinking it's okay that I went over 80% but of course I'm not sure. My next concern is that walking at the end for so long felt like cheating was I supposed to jog slowly and let my heart rate come down that way - in hind sight I think so. Saturday was my first long run back with the group in a long time. I ran with my buddy Melissa and she set the pace - my Hr was low the whole time which is apparently the plan. While I'm tempted to try to do the long run at race pace Friel and Parker both say that the long run is fine if it's done slower because the workout is considered a hard workout because of it's length. We did one mile intervals. I felt great the whole way. I do want to do my long runs running straight through ... which is going to mean breaking with my group and I cannot probably do those longest runs totally on my own so this is something I have to work out.

My goals for this week are as follows. Under the get stronger program I'm going to do my little ab workout 3 times this week. MWF. I'm going to log 24 miles with a speed workout this week instead of the hills. The challenge this week will be to do the long run by myself but I can do it!

My last challenge for this week is my watch. I currently have the Garmin FR60. Cute pink watch. However, it does not correctly measure my distance. It's way off and so that means it gives me an innaccurate measure of speed also. This sucks. I can manually reset the distance which I'll try this week on the track. But if that doesn't work I'm going to have to bite the bullet and look into new watch with the GPS so that my distances and speeds are correct.

As an unrelated note - there are fewer pics this past week on the blog. That is because my trusty little point and shoot has decided to call it quits. Never fear a replacement is in the works.

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