Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trinona Race Preview

Here we are in the 6th month of the year and so we're coming up on the 7th race of the year. The new years resolution was one race a month but there was one month where my brother and I did actually did 2 races so we're on the 7th race.

Trinona is my first out of town triathlon. I live in Miami, Florida - I will be racing in Winona, Minnesota. I have run out of town marathons. In fact, all of my marathons have been out of town. But the set up just isn't nearly as complicated. I've had a lot to obsess about. I've had anxiety dreams about this race which may say something about the lack of excitement or stress in my life - I'm not sure.

First let's go over the basics for the race. It is called Trinona in Winona, Minnesota where my lil brother went to college. They call it the best little Triathlon in the Midwest. They also call it the battle of the bluffs. For a more comprehensive review you can read my brother's race preview here. When we knew they were moving home to Minnesota we spawned this little idea of doing this race. And since this was 6 months ago while we lounged on the couch we decided to do the longer race - not the sprint. Yes that's right out of town and my longest tri to date. Good idea -- maybe -- maybe not we'll see.

Trinona International Distance Triathlon 1.5k swim / 40k bike / 10k run Sunday June 12, 2011.

Oh what was the first obsession - the bike. No wait first it was the training. I sort of guessed my way through training for the sprints. For this I downloaded a plan from . Free custom plan. I'll let you know next week if it worked. The big issue with training is that here in Florida we are all at sea level. We have no hills. (none ... for real). In Minnesota they have these parts of the course where the road bends and goes up ... how to prepare ... hmmm how to prepare. Actually let me clarify there are some rolling hills and there is also a gigantic hill called Garvin Heights road. It is one of the top 100 climbs in the country. It is a training course for the Tour de France. It is a one mile ascent at an average of 8.5% grade. EEK! Well I have spent a lot of time zipping up and over the William Powell Bridge on Key Biscayne. Hope it works.

Initially I thought I'd take my bike on the plane. But I have had to face a truth which is that I am not a bike mechanic. I repeat I am not mechanical with the bike. I watched a video (actually two) and tried some things myself but I cannot even get my own pedals off. I might like to be mechanical in the future but I am not yet and I will admit it was freaking me out. I repeat the idea of taking my own bike apart was FREAKING me out. Also I have to admit there was a bit of a marital issue in that my loving husband clearly stated that he did not want to haul the bike box through the airport. So, as much as I love my bike I am not taking it apart I'm renting there. I found a great rental from Gear West. It's going to be a bit of extra driving but that's the decision. Once it was made I felt much better.

Next obsession - Water Temp. As I mentioned earlier I live in Miami. The air here is 85-90 all day and the water is maybe 85 already. In Minnesota they have had a cold winter followed by a grey and cool spring. The water is not going to be 85. In fact it's been so cold nobody was even in the water to give an estimate of the temp. I only have a sleeveless wet suit. I was waffling between renting a sleeved wetsuit or buying sleeves. FREAK OUT. At long last they gave me a temp of 71. I'm pretty sure that isn't really the temp. I'm guessing that's the surface temp on the shore but it's warmer than I thought so I'm ready to go with my sleeveless wet suit. 

But before I move off of the water temps let me just share with you that event though I'm confident I can swim in this cooler water. I cannot even comprehend how 71 is going to feel. As a test I took my tap water and put it to the coldest it offers and put the pool thermometer in. It's 84 degrees. My pool is almost 90 degrees. The ocean is probably 86 degrees. So let's just say this is going to be an adventure :-)
That's right 84 degrees is our cold water here.

Next freak out ... hmm no wait ... that's it. All done. I'm now just relaxed and ready to go. I shipped my box of wet suit, helmet empty water bottles and stuff.

Expectations - after so much training and prep initially I was going to hope for some fantastic results. In fact, I went back and looked at last years race results and sadly I discovered that the other racers are really fast. I was bummed. I mean without being dramatic I actually could be the last person to finish this race. That bummed me out. But now I'm over it. I'm going for the experience. I want to have a good time and finish with a smile. Oh, and I aspire to be the tannest competitor at the start. Maybe they'll have a  medal for that!

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