Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Race Belts - a product review of sorts

I will presume that most people who stumble upon this blog are aware of what a race belt is. If not in a few words it's a little elastic belt that holds your race number for the run portion of a duathlon or triathlon. It is a time saver in the sense that it takes less time to grab this and clip it around you than to pin a race number to your shirt mid-race.

Also, everyone at the races has them. It's one of those things that you immediately feel you "need" to have. And they aren't expensive.

I have two. Neither of them is perfect. In fact they each have the same flaw and to be honest I'm perplexed.

My first race belt I picked up for I think $.99 in the sale bin while picking up my race packet. It's made by Zoot and its pink which is sort of my race go to color. The nobbins that hold on the race number are secured by little slip gizmos that have to be completely removed and rethreaded to put your race number on. Then those strings bounce around and scratch you during the run. Ouch! Also the space between them is about 4 inches wider than my race numbers. In other words - it doesn't work. I pinned mine to the racebelt with safety pins. I also only used this belt one time.
Zoot racebelt - fail
At the next race I picked up another race belt. I don't remember what I paid for this maybe $5 - maybe more. They aren't very expensive. This one is by Garneau. It has two fixed snaps for the race numbers. It's black. My brother and I both got one. When we got back to the house we learned that this racebelt also doesn't fit the race number. The snaps are too close to fit the holes in the number and they cannot be adjusted. You have two choices that I know of to make a new whole in the number and snap it or use a safety pin. The bibs are made out of a pretty strong water proof material (think fedex envelope) so I go with the safety pin.
Notice that the number is about 3 inches too wide for the snap.

A close up so you can see the snap and the number or bib extending past.

Lastly my super crafty solution. The safety pin.

What is the "deal-e-o" here? Is this a Miami thing? It's not exclusive to Miami because it also happened to me with my one out of town race: Trinona in Minnesota.

Am I missing something super basic? This happens sometimes so I'm not so superior that I rule that out. Was there some sort of recent revolution in race bib numbers sizing recently so that the race belt sizing just hasn't caught up?

I wonder.

In the grand scheme of things this is not a huge deal but still it seems very silly that nobody has fixed this. I mean I would think that making one of the snaps adjustable would be fairly simple. But I'm not a clothing manufacturer so what do I know.

If there is somebody out there who has answers to this speak up bc I'm curious.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Marathon Monday - 15 weeks and counting

Last week I logged 6 workouts and one race.

This included 2 masters swim workouts, and 4 runs totaling 26 miles. My only biking was during the race. So I could have used more biking.

This week is going to be a bit more of a challenge only because my kids are out of camp and my husband is out of town. So there will be no masters swim workouts since I go to those in the morning when he's with the kids. I should still be able to get most of my workouts completed and there really is nothing wrong with a lighter week this week if I'm not able to squeeze everything in.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Race Review - Trilogy #2 2011

Race day starts early - that's just the way it is.

Race morning traffic jam going onto Key Biscayne.

Key Biscayne Trilogy #2 Sprint Distance
There is an international distance and they start first so there is a huge amount of waiting before the start. Seriously it's about 30 minutes from when the first wave of elites go out and when my start wave begins. I was a little lonely without my tri buddies (Shana was in Greece, Katie doing the duathlon, Melissa and Chris were volunteering, Roni moved to England, Jeremy moved to Minnesota, Amanda also moved and is wayyyy preggo) but I found people I knew from Hammerheads to chat with. I am seriously thinking of doing the international just to start earlier. Just kidding. Well, a little bit kidding.

I did forget my Luna bar which is my second breakfast ... Oops. I was hungry at the start.

Swim 8:36
I said I would start with the group and I did. I really wanted an 8 minute swim and I got that. I was stuck behind feet a lot. So, the new goal is to start in the front of the group because I'd rather be swum over than constantly have to swim around people. Other than that the swim was good. There is no surf and no current to speak of in this location. But there is some serious slimey muckity muck when you first step in. Say it with me, "ewwwww!"
Didn't recognize me? New race outfit. The pink one has been retired after a solid year of use. I think this is my strongest looking swim finish photo notice that I'm actually jogging. Except Trinona where the photographer was all the way up by transition. There I look like a rock star in my wetsuit.
This was me last year.

Transition 2:15
I did not miss the .25 run in the sand. But I also didn't love the barefoot jog on asphalt. I think I walked a bit to avoid the rock under foot stuff and I was breathless. I need to unbuckle my bike shoes in setup because that does take a few seconds.

Bike  35:06
The new course hits the bridge immediately. I thought I would hate it but actually I like getting it out of the way. I still don't really think I know how to pace myself or push myself on the bike. Not sure how to fix that ... More time on the bike I guess. I have definitely improved in climbing and also I can easily get my water bottle without swerving which is great. Yes that is a basic skill but I'm really a beginner cyclist so these things make a big difference.
Well there I am. I never look quite as tough on the bike as some others that I see. Gonna have to work on my game face.

Transition 2 1:18
This is a super easy transition. I actually passed a person running with the bike into transition. That felt good.There is an extra step in this course in this transition - put on bug spray. The run is through mangroves. Even if that adds time it cannot be skipped :-)
I'm grinning here at the start of the run because I just got splashed with ice cold water. Which felt great and clued me into how overheated I was. I started a walk break about 30 seconds after this just out of view of the transition :-) Gotta maintain my rep you know.

Run 31:00
This is my easiest leg but I had just run 10 miles the day before so I had no idea what to expect. The water stop coming out of Transition is staffed by the hammerheads. I did a little dance and my buddy Melissa doused me with an ice cold cup of water. That was AWESOME!

I think I figured something out during this race. I think that I don't notice how hot I get on the bike leg because of the wind. But then as soon as I stop I feel like it's 10,000 degrees. I think in the next race I'll try to drink more and pour my water bottle on me in transition to speed the cooling off.

Surprisingly I felt okay on the run. It's a crowded course. But it's shaded so that's good. I settled into a groove in the second half with a woman who kept me on pace and then close to the end (it's a blind finish) she told me it was coming up so I could speed up a bit. I didn't have much kick but I gave it what I had.

Initially when I saw my time I felt slow.  My run times this year have all been below 30. But when I saw that it was 3 minutes off from last year I felt pretty good. I think the heat is a big slowdown. Oh and the long run the day before may have impacted my speed (Ya think?!)
All done. Again people cheering for me. There is just nothing like having people cheer for you during the race. I love this picture. I may actually buy it.

Finish 1:18:14
We had to wait a while for the results. The Multirace miracle workers had a network issue and the magic printouts were not available. I've always been super impressed that they had instant results so I wasn't upset and they did post them the old fashioned way pretty quickly. Not fast enough for some spectators but those people need to drink less coffee or something and just relax. (Are you listening cranky man standing next to me after the finish? - probably not)

I finished 14 out of 26 racers in my age group. I think that is both a big field and a fast field. I was surprised at this but that's the way it goes. This time is 10 minutes faster than my last time in this race (1:28 August 2010). Of course it's not in the same location but I'm gonna ignore that for comparison although I will admit the first transition is a 3 minute savings. This time is just one minute behind my fastest time this year and that was a shorter run by .1 of a mile and there was no hill. All good things.

Room for Improvement
A podium finish is sub 1:05. I'm not sure I'll ever get there I mean it's a 13 minute time drop. But I'd be lying if I said I don't think about it.

Here are my random thoughts about how I can improve.

My strongest event compared to other racers is the swim. Go figure. 12/26 in my age group.The fastest swim in my age group was 6:45. That's fast. I have started swimming with a masters group to be able to really focus on my swim. Okay, I've only done one workout :-) Also to get out of that pool at LA Fitness which I just hate

I will have to improve in other places as well to see a big jump. The bike is the most obvious weakness it's also the longest leg of the race so it should be the easiest to drop significant time. The best bike split in my age group was 28 minutes (that's speedy) Sadly, I don't really know how to get faster on the bike. Looks like I have a research assignment.

Improvement on the run I don't think I'll see this season because of the marathon training. But we'll see what happens. The fastest runners in my age group all finished in 23 minutes - speedy. I'm not going to worry about this - this year.

Also, in the room for improvement category is hydration the day before. With a long run on Saturday I have to focus on this because it makes a big difference in overheating. Next is sleep. I didn't sleep well Friday or Saturday night. If I could make an improvement here and get a good nights sleep that would be really good.

Next up
My next scheduled race is the Trilogy 3. But after that is going to be some juggling because in September my long runs are really long. I thought I'd do the Escape to Miami but that would mean racing on the day after 16 or 20 miles.

Uh, I think not. 

Soooooo .... what to do, what to do, what to do. I'd like to find a half marathon in September or early to mid October but the schedule is empty. Decisions Decisions.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Marathon Monday - 16 weeks and counting

Mondays feel weird to me. First of all after being 100% kid-centered all weekend they go off to camp in the morning. The house feels quiet. Then after all the weekend workouts I feel like I should be excercising my tooshie off but it's a rest day. That feels weird too.

Last Week Recap 
My goals were 25 miles running, 2 swims, 2 cycles and 2 strength sessions. I didn't quite hit 25 miles. I only did one strength session. The challenge I faced this week was scheduling with home repairs. We had  new AC units put in. I had to be home for that so I lost an extra day. Oh well. I also didn't make it to a masters swimming workout - this is because I'm a big chicken.

This week was the first double digit long run in a while. It was great. Slow but great. I ran with Max and Melissa. We started at Cocoplum and ran and ran and ran. We saw the cute high school cross country runners who are apparently very thirsty because everybody blamed them for the coolers running out of water last week. One thing I have to resolve is that my long run buddies are Galloway method runners. I don't intend to take scheduled walk breaks during the race so I'll have to deal with this in training.  I used scheduled walk breaks in my first 3 marathons but I'm such a slow walker that in order to hit my time goals I really need to minimize them.

1200.00 Yd
17.00 Mi
22.38 Mi
4h 51m 59s
Plan for this Week
I got my first Training Peaks email yesterday (Sunday) with the details of my training plan. That sure beats the emails I've been getting for a few weeks that say ... you have nothing scheduled. Of course I have things scheduled it's just that Training Peaks didn't know.

I have 25 miles running planned. I want to do 2 cycling workouts and 2 swims and 3 strength sessions.

Planned or needed purchases
It's time for new running shoes. I also think I'm going to go ahead and get a new training running outfit because that always helps the training.

Updates to the Race Schedule
Sunday I raced the Trilogy Triathlon. A race report will come in another day or two. That was a bit of a challenge after Saturday's 10-mile Long run.  But to be honest I have no idea how much it affected my performance. Today I'm looking at the long run schedule to see what conflicts there are coming up.

Also, I have made a plan with Melissa to race the Orlando 70.3 next year. I'm pretty excited about that. This year it was in May but the date for next year doesn't appear to be set yet. Who knows what that might mean.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Race preview Trilogy 2 Key Biscayne - What a difference a year makes

Sunday I will race the Trilogy sprint tri on Key Biscayne. Swim .25, Bike 10 and run 3.1.

This race will mark my full year racing tri's. Of course my first race was Trilogy 1 in June last year but I didn't finish (due to a bike mechanical issue and a brother medical issue). So I'm calling Trilogy 2 my anniversary.

Last year this was the debut of the new bike. Hopefully After a year on little blue Bessy I'll see some improvement. If your curious big blue Bessy is my car.

I was really looking forward to a good year over year comparison on the same course. Unfortunately the course has changed so we'll see if it makes any difference in my performance. The new course has a very sheltered swim behind Marine Stadium and a much shorter transition but hits the hill on the bike right at the start and the run is apparently partly on a trail. I have precisely zero trail running experience.

It is going to be an interesting race for me because I'll honestly just be in it for the fun. I'm running 10 miles the day before as part of training for the NY Marathon which is my next "A" race.

So why on earth am I even racing? Good question. This year I'm a bit of a serial racer. I made a resolution to race every month. So that's why. It will be fun.

Goals for this race are vague because I have no idea how the 10 mile run will affect me. Also sadly even though I had put in all that work on my swim and bike preparing for Trinona in June with the increase in running mileage my swimming and biking has dropped way off. So, we'll see. I have 2 goals which are to start the swim with the group (normally I wait 5 seconds) and to keep my cadence up in the run.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Marathon Monday - on time this week - 17 weeks and couting

17 weeks until the NYC Marathon

Last night at dinner with my inlaws I learned that race day will be my mother-in-law's birthday. That is going to be a fun day. She's planning a big celebratory dinner... we'll see if I make it there on time!

I did hit my goals for last week. I ran 24.99 miles (I'm gonna go ahead and round that up to 25 if that's okay with everyone), I swam once 1200 yards, I did my abs thing on two days. I also got a new swimsuit. I find swimsuit sizing very complicated so this took a few days and included looking up the sizing chart online.
I went with the black and white look to offset the pink accessories I feature in my racing and training outfits.

Highlights included that I ran with my group on Thursday and I was able to go quickly. I didn't mean to go quickly in fact I meant to have a recovery run but it was fun to go faster. I have felt mighty slow over the last several months and I suspected it was because my mileage was low. Low and behold I break the mighty 25 mpweek barrier and I can go a little quicker. Also I did a tempo run on the treadmill on Wednesday which may have helped my legs understand to turn over faster.

Lowlights included bike maintenance. I'm not a mechanic. I had a flat tire so since I've been working on this I changed it myself. I made it farther than last time and actually got the old tube out and new one in but couldn't get the new tire to inflate. Dagnabbit. Off to the local bike store. I had pinched the tube? Whatever, I got a lesson from the bike shop guy and hopefully I'll get it right next time.  Next up on the Sunday group ride about three miles in my seat post slid down. Oops.  Felt like this - knees in armpits.

I did not have my little wrench set with me. Doh! Luckily, I was only a few blocks from home. So I spun around and pedaled myself home to the garage and reset my seat post (turning a little tighter this time). As a note, my height for the seat post was marked with tape however when it slid down it just pushed the tape up to the top. Ahem, not helpful. But I remembered where it was so it wasn't a big deal. I went out and finished the ride by myself. Not as long as it would have been and alone which is not a big deal but whatever. Lesson learned carry the wrenches.

This week I thought was my last week before my runners world plan kicked in. I was wrong. That's a 16 week plan and there is one more week before it kicks in. I have an addition issue or is that a subtraction issue. So I'm winging it again - actually I'm just sort of doing week one over and over and over :-)

This weeks goals are: 25+miles running, 2 swimming workouts (investigating masters swimming will be good and get me way out of my comfort zone not to mention up early), 2 cycling workouts (one of these will be the trilogy tri on Sunday), 2 strength sessions. Now it's back to work.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My most ridonculous workout ever

The plan for this morning was to get up head to the key - run 8 miles and then swim a mile with the hammerheads at 7 from Key Biscayne.

That didn't work out.

First I did not plan enough time in the morning to get ready. (Note to self, get up earlier.) So I thought that's fine I'll swim first and then run. I'm not a huge fan of open water swimming alone although on a Saturday morning it's hard to be alone on tri beach but still not the greatest idea.

That didn't work either. First the main parking lot directly adjacent to the hammerhead flag was full at 6:20. Yikes! So I went to the next lot and as soon as I parked it looked like this:
my lens was a little foggy but you get the idea. craptastic weather for a swim.
I hemmed and hawed and waited a few minutes for it to blow over. Which it did. Then I decided I'd run the mile back to where the hammerheads start which is also where the bathroom is and quite frankly I needed to pee. Swim with them and run back to the car - and continue my run. I tucked my goggles and swim cap in my pocket and off I went.

That didn't really work out either. Because more weather was coming in and while they were standing on the beach I decided  to just get my run in and see if the weather would just change and then I'd swim by myself.

I stopped to pick up my water bottles and hid out in the car for a bit.

This is why I camped in my car for a few minutes. The rain was so hard it hurt my skin. eek.

But here was my bonus - hard to see but there is a rainbow there.

I was thinking that this was proof I was meant to keep going.

Can you see that it goes over the whole bridge? It's one of the only times I've ever seen a full half rainbow so I was suitably impressed.
I did log 8 miles. It was wet and slow and had several stops along the way.  I did actually try to swim a bit at the end but that was a disaster. First, I was by myself which does always freak me out. Then there were the impending storm clouds which just added some spice to the situation. Lastly, the tide was out so the water was about 3 inches deep for about 100 feet. I was seriously 30 feet from the buoy and just knee deep. I gave it a 2 minute try but my hands were touching the grass with my stroke which was totally grossing me out so I called it a morning.

Here's my pile o' stuff in the car seat when I got home.
I had actually doubled back home when I started to make sure I had the sunscreen. Turns out that wasn't so needed in the rain. But I was glad I had an extra towel in the car.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime means family vacations - training on vacation

Ahhh July 4th. Bar-b-que's and fireworks.

Here in Miami because it's hot as Hades and humid too. It's too hot for my beloved husband to be outside for more than 2 minutes without complaining. So, no bar-b-que at our house.

But I didn't grow up in Miami so it's hardwired into my little body that there should be fun and outdoor shenanigans on this festive July 4th weekend. Att the last minute I proposed a weekend getaway. We called a lot of places and were quoted a lot of rates (very high rates) for the weekend and finally the bargain hunters in us went for the Bonita Springs Hyatt. Turns out it was a great choice. While there isn't much around Bonita Springs (it's North of Naples and South of Fort Meyers) this is probably my second favorite family vacation we've taken. My first favorite is the South Seas Resort on Captiva.

Keeping up with training while on vacation can be a challenge. For me Saturdays means a long run. the long run for me is a run with the group and it's a key workout as I ramp up in mileage for a marathon. Without the group running to keep you honest it's easy to just take a day off. In fact this is something I have learned to think about when picking a race. In fact twice I have bailed on training for the Miami full marathon because it's in January and you have to train through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Years. I've just learned that it's too much for me to get ready for the full for that so instead I run the half.

Of course, you can miss a group run if you need to and with 18 solid weeks of training there is a good chance that on at least one Saturday you'll be sick or on a plane or whatever. So in my opinion it's best to make sure you get your long runs in because there will probably be one that you can't do that's out of your control.

Since I've got the NY Marathon to train for in November I've realized that it's going to take some solo training to get me there. Luckily after training for the tri's over the last year I've gotten better at solo training. 

For this trip we were gone 4 days over a weekend. So, this is what I did to make sure I didn't derail my training over the weekend.

I did an extra workout before I left. This way I had banked my Sunday workout in advance and could take Sunday off. This way all I had to do while out of town was my long run. I made sure that my husband knew that my plan was to do my nine miles on Saturday morning.

In order to make sure it was an honest 9 miles I went out and upgraded my watch to a GPS enabled watch. To be honest I could have done my training without it but it's better to have a watch that I can count on for the training. Then all I had to do was pass on the bottle of wine with my hubby Friday night (he had forgotten) and then get up early and go out and run. I had forgotten to pack anything for breakfast so I gobbled up 2 graham crackers for breakfast and went out to get my run on.

This is my longest solo run yet so I'm happy that I did it. It was a bit boring but oh well. I am feeling like I am into obsessive marathon training mode. Which is good because you have to be a bit obsessive about training for the marathons to get there in good shape, in my opinion.

If you're curious here's my opinion about why the Bonita Springs Hyatt is such a good getaway destination with kiddos in tow.

My kids have traveled a lot.  So they are pretty good at it. But we've stayed in some places that were great with kids and some that weren't (are you listening club med sandpiper, St. Frances in San Fran?). Admittedly it is easier to travel with my kids now that they don't need to nap, they are out of high chairs and they eat off of menus - sort of)

  1. We got two adjoining rooms and the second room was 1/2 price for the kiddos. That's pretty great. 
  2. Next, they have an awesome water slide in the family pool. There are three pools one is reserved for adults only. One has a waterfall and one has 2 slides. One big and one little. My kids went on the big slide about 1000 times. I went once a day. It is a fun slide.
  3. They have a rock wall for climbing - and it's free. That's pretty great. It's a tough wall - none of us made it up.
  4. They have a s'more pit open every night. You have to either bring or buy the fixins but still this was a big hit with my s'more eaters for nightly entertainment.
  5. There is a beach that you have to take a boat to. We didn't make it there on this trip because we're impatient and the slide was calling but still a free boat ride to a free beach. That's cool too. 
  6. There are kids everywhere and parents everywhere so you don't feel silly carrying your inflatable alligator raft in the elevator or walking to breakfast in your swimsuit.
  7. The staff is very kid friendly. It was a rainy weekend but since the hotel was crawling with kids they ran the slide as long as there wasn't lightning and they didn't have to do that but it made for happy kids and therefore happy parents to be sure.
  8. We were there for my son's birthday and they sent a plate of s'mores to the room with Happy Birthday written in chocolate. They were delicious. He felt like a prince.
  9. When it rained the staff had kid games including art and coconut bowling. 
  10. They had snowcones, hotdogs and burgers poolside. Not free but still snowcones are always great.
  11. They have a breakfast buffet with pancakes (chocolate chip on request), fruit and an omelet station and it was included in our room rate.
  12. Ice cream served in the lobby cafe with kid movies like tangled playing every night.
  13. There is a gratuitous tunnel that you can walk through with a ridiculous coral rock display on the way to the pool. It's silly but still my kids enjoyed going through the tunnel and when they are happy - well, I'm happy.
It was very good.  I had banked one of my workouts during the week so I could relax on Sunday and Monday with the family. So I parked my tooshie on the pool lounge and relaxed watching my kids fling themselves down the slide.

They do have a kids camp also. I don't know anything about it because I didn't put the kids in it. I figure my kids are in camp all week so the point of the family vacation is so we can hang together. But that's just me.

The restaurants at the hotel are not fabulous. In fact we ordered room service one day and the carrots and celery on the side of Jack's grilled cheese were blanched so they were soggy - eeewwww. But directly across the street is a mall with easy convenient food, shopping and even a movie theater. That was handy because it was a rainy weekend so we took the kiddos to two movies (cars2, mr poppers penguins).

Then we drove to Naples to see the fireworks on July 4th. I have to say I think it's one of the best fireworks displays I've seen. It helps that you can get really close and feel them as they boom. My kids were suitably impressed. Dylan kept saying oooh I think this is the finale .... oooh maybe this is the finale. Jack was splashing in the water shrieking with delight. We may have a new family tradition.

In other random tidbits for my weekend vacation. It could be called the bad beer weekend. Now, there isn't much beer that I won't drink. But this weekend we found two. My hubby picked up Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada which is super strong IPA and while I like IPA this was too strong. Thumbs down. Then on our last dinner out I ordered a Magic Hat beer that was awful. Turns out it's apricot flavored - blech, really bad. I had to send it back for something else.
too strong - too much IPA flavor something I thought I'd never say.

Also not related but I didn't see one Ironman tattoo all weekend. It felt bizarre. I am so used to seeing them now wherever I go that it really stood out. Of course, that just might mean I'm spending too much time at the running store, biking store and with my training groups but it was interesting to me that I noticed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marathon Monday - a day late

Here is last weeks training in a quick recap.

1200 yds swimming and 25 miles running.

Now the highlights. That 25 miles running included a 9 mile run all by myself. And when I say by myself I mean alone I barely even saw any other runners. I was out of town so those that I did see I didn't know.

Getting ready for the marathon I'm realizing that a chunk of the training is by myself. That's okay but my former watch was unreliable in terms of recording the distance. So, I did upgrade to the Garmin 310xt. There was a lot of hemming and hawing and mental masturbation about what watch to get. I narrowed it down to the 310 or the 610 but I went with the 310 with the idea that I can use it on the bike and have the whole multisport mode if I want.

I have successfully set it up including that it beeps at me in my heart rate zone. The jury is still out as to whether this is a 100% good thing because I'm doing a lot more walking than I'd like to. On the other hand I'm out there almost every day and I 'm not skipping workouts. Perhaps these two things are related.

So I used my new watch for my long run Saturday morning. Headed out the door and went until it told me I had gone 4.5 miles - turned around and came back. Pretty snazzy if you ask me.  I don't have any maps or anything to show you because when I plugged it in this morning at home I was prompted to update the firmware which wiped my info from Saturday. Doh!

Goals for this week. 

This is my last week of winging it because the Runners World plan officially starts on Monday. No more messages from Training Peaks saying ... you have no workouts scheduled. They will say stuff :-)

My goals for this week are to continue to learn about my new watch. I'm going to run 5 days. I will figure out a 5 mile loop from my house. I'm also going to get back on the bike this week for a ride on Sunday. It's been too long. And there will be a swim or two - most likely just one - okay it's already Tuesday let's just say it. One swim.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to the pool

Now that my next "A" race is the NY Marathon my training has shifted dramatically. I'm running all the time.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was not conflicted about this. Perhaps my favorite thing about the training for the triathlons is the variety in training. Run a bit, swim a bit, bike a bit. I like that mix. But I'm enjoying all the running too. I'm all over the place here.

So, yesterday was my first day back in the pool since Trinona. It was nothing exciting except I was a little afraid my swimsuit might disintegrate during my swim. That would have been awkward. It's ready for replacement is the understatement of the week.

I took along my little tempo trainer which is my newest gadget. I did 6 200's and I set the used the tempo trainer for each one. At least I think they were all 200's. With the trainer beeping in my head I will admit I got even more confused that usual counting my laps. Beep ... beep, one, beep beep beep - two or wait was that three...dagnabbit.

I started with 1:30 on the trainer which is slow. I figured that's the warm up. Then 1:25, 1:20, 1:15, 110 and the last set no tempo trainer. What is most interesting is that I didn't blow up in this workout. I rarely can do a workout this long (and I know it's not very long) without wanting to hurl or pass out. During this workout I didn't feel that way and I don't know whether it was the 2 weeks off out of the pool or whether it was that the trainer kept me on an even pace during my repeats.

Well it's something new to think about anyway.

In other news just before writing this post I was cleaning the office. We've never really fully unpacked the office from the move and the clutter is almost entirely mine. My husband has clearly expressed his desire for me to tackle this. It's a lot of office stuff from closing the studio that I'm stumped what to do with and also just family memorabilia  that I haven't found a home for.

So I picked up a stack of stuff and inside were photos from a trip to Minnesota when Jack was probably two and Dylan 4 1/2 and Ivy almost one. I love finding old photos. So it was fun to spend 10 minutes flipping through the stack delaying my morning run a bit but worth it. Dylan looks exactly the same ... just shorter and with baby teeth. Jack looks like another child completely. He was one cute little tot. And I thought Ivy was Dylan in the first photo I picked up until I saw that she was in Dylan's lap. Hee hee. This was the trip where my brother and I went on the slip and slide. Now those are funny pics. Jack just got a slip and slide for his birthday so I have to show him these later today.

Now back to work!