Friday, July 1, 2011

Back to the pool

Now that my next "A" race is the NY Marathon my training has shifted dramatically. I'm running all the time.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was not conflicted about this. Perhaps my favorite thing about the training for the triathlons is the variety in training. Run a bit, swim a bit, bike a bit. I like that mix. But I'm enjoying all the running too. I'm all over the place here.

So, yesterday was my first day back in the pool since Trinona. It was nothing exciting except I was a little afraid my swimsuit might disintegrate during my swim. That would have been awkward. It's ready for replacement is the understatement of the week.

I took along my little tempo trainer which is my newest gadget. I did 6 200's and I set the used the tempo trainer for each one. At least I think they were all 200's. With the trainer beeping in my head I will admit I got even more confused that usual counting my laps. Beep ... beep, one, beep beep beep - two or wait was that three...dagnabbit.

I started with 1:30 on the trainer which is slow. I figured that's the warm up. Then 1:25, 1:20, 1:15, 110 and the last set no tempo trainer. What is most interesting is that I didn't blow up in this workout. I rarely can do a workout this long (and I know it's not very long) without wanting to hurl or pass out. During this workout I didn't feel that way and I don't know whether it was the 2 weeks off out of the pool or whether it was that the trainer kept me on an even pace during my repeats.

Well it's something new to think about anyway.

In other news just before writing this post I was cleaning the office. We've never really fully unpacked the office from the move and the clutter is almost entirely mine. My husband has clearly expressed his desire for me to tackle this. It's a lot of office stuff from closing the studio that I'm stumped what to do with and also just family memorabilia  that I haven't found a home for.

So I picked up a stack of stuff and inside were photos from a trip to Minnesota when Jack was probably two and Dylan 4 1/2 and Ivy almost one. I love finding old photos. So it was fun to spend 10 minutes flipping through the stack delaying my morning run a bit but worth it. Dylan looks exactly the same ... just shorter and with baby teeth. Jack looks like another child completely. He was one cute little tot. And I thought Ivy was Dylan in the first photo I picked up until I saw that she was in Dylan's lap. Hee hee. This was the trip where my brother and I went on the slip and slide. Now those are funny pics. Jack just got a slip and slide for his birthday so I have to show him these later today.

Now back to work!

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  1. Can you explain the tempo trainer thing? What's the deal with the timing? Are this 100 yard paces?