Monday, July 18, 2011

Marathon Monday - 16 weeks and counting

Mondays feel weird to me. First of all after being 100% kid-centered all weekend they go off to camp in the morning. The house feels quiet. Then after all the weekend workouts I feel like I should be excercising my tooshie off but it's a rest day. That feels weird too.

Last Week Recap 
My goals were 25 miles running, 2 swims, 2 cycles and 2 strength sessions. I didn't quite hit 25 miles. I only did one strength session. The challenge I faced this week was scheduling with home repairs. We had  new AC units put in. I had to be home for that so I lost an extra day. Oh well. I also didn't make it to a masters swimming workout - this is because I'm a big chicken.

This week was the first double digit long run in a while. It was great. Slow but great. I ran with Max and Melissa. We started at Cocoplum and ran and ran and ran. We saw the cute high school cross country runners who are apparently very thirsty because everybody blamed them for the coolers running out of water last week. One thing I have to resolve is that my long run buddies are Galloway method runners. I don't intend to take scheduled walk breaks during the race so I'll have to deal with this in training.  I used scheduled walk breaks in my first 3 marathons but I'm such a slow walker that in order to hit my time goals I really need to minimize them.

1200.00 Yd
17.00 Mi
22.38 Mi
4h 51m 59s
Plan for this Week
I got my first Training Peaks email yesterday (Sunday) with the details of my training plan. That sure beats the emails I've been getting for a few weeks that say ... you have nothing scheduled. Of course I have things scheduled it's just that Training Peaks didn't know.

I have 25 miles running planned. I want to do 2 cycling workouts and 2 swims and 3 strength sessions.

Planned or needed purchases
It's time for new running shoes. I also think I'm going to go ahead and get a new training running outfit because that always helps the training.

Updates to the Race Schedule
Sunday I raced the Trilogy Triathlon. A race report will come in another day or two. That was a bit of a challenge after Saturday's 10-mile Long run.  But to be honest I have no idea how much it affected my performance. Today I'm looking at the long run schedule to see what conflicts there are coming up.

Also, I have made a plan with Melissa to race the Orlando 70.3 next year. I'm pretty excited about that. This year it was in May but the date for next year doesn't appear to be set yet. Who knows what that might mean.

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