Monday, July 11, 2011

Marathon Monday - on time this week - 17 weeks and couting

17 weeks until the NYC Marathon

Last night at dinner with my inlaws I learned that race day will be my mother-in-law's birthday. That is going to be a fun day. She's planning a big celebratory dinner... we'll see if I make it there on time!

I did hit my goals for last week. I ran 24.99 miles (I'm gonna go ahead and round that up to 25 if that's okay with everyone), I swam once 1200 yards, I did my abs thing on two days. I also got a new swimsuit. I find swimsuit sizing very complicated so this took a few days and included looking up the sizing chart online.
I went with the black and white look to offset the pink accessories I feature in my racing and training outfits.

Highlights included that I ran with my group on Thursday and I was able to go quickly. I didn't mean to go quickly in fact I meant to have a recovery run but it was fun to go faster. I have felt mighty slow over the last several months and I suspected it was because my mileage was low. Low and behold I break the mighty 25 mpweek barrier and I can go a little quicker. Also I did a tempo run on the treadmill on Wednesday which may have helped my legs understand to turn over faster.

Lowlights included bike maintenance. I'm not a mechanic. I had a flat tire so since I've been working on this I changed it myself. I made it farther than last time and actually got the old tube out and new one in but couldn't get the new tire to inflate. Dagnabbit. Off to the local bike store. I had pinched the tube? Whatever, I got a lesson from the bike shop guy and hopefully I'll get it right next time.  Next up on the Sunday group ride about three miles in my seat post slid down. Oops.  Felt like this - knees in armpits.

I did not have my little wrench set with me. Doh! Luckily, I was only a few blocks from home. So I spun around and pedaled myself home to the garage and reset my seat post (turning a little tighter this time). As a note, my height for the seat post was marked with tape however when it slid down it just pushed the tape up to the top. Ahem, not helpful. But I remembered where it was so it wasn't a big deal. I went out and finished the ride by myself. Not as long as it would have been and alone which is not a big deal but whatever. Lesson learned carry the wrenches.

This week I thought was my last week before my runners world plan kicked in. I was wrong. That's a 16 week plan and there is one more week before it kicks in. I have an addition issue or is that a subtraction issue. So I'm winging it again - actually I'm just sort of doing week one over and over and over :-)

This weeks goals are: 25+miles running, 2 swimming workouts (investigating masters swimming will be good and get me way out of my comfort zone not to mention up early), 2 cycling workouts (one of these will be the trilogy tri on Sunday), 2 strength sessions. Now it's back to work.

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