Saturday, July 9, 2011

My most ridonculous workout ever

The plan for this morning was to get up head to the key - run 8 miles and then swim a mile with the hammerheads at 7 from Key Biscayne.

That didn't work out.

First I did not plan enough time in the morning to get ready. (Note to self, get up earlier.) So I thought that's fine I'll swim first and then run. I'm not a huge fan of open water swimming alone although on a Saturday morning it's hard to be alone on tri beach but still not the greatest idea.

That didn't work either. First the main parking lot directly adjacent to the hammerhead flag was full at 6:20. Yikes! So I went to the next lot and as soon as I parked it looked like this:
my lens was a little foggy but you get the idea. craptastic weather for a swim.
I hemmed and hawed and waited a few minutes for it to blow over. Which it did. Then I decided I'd run the mile back to where the hammerheads start which is also where the bathroom is and quite frankly I needed to pee. Swim with them and run back to the car - and continue my run. I tucked my goggles and swim cap in my pocket and off I went.

That didn't really work out either. Because more weather was coming in and while they were standing on the beach I decided  to just get my run in and see if the weather would just change and then I'd swim by myself.

I stopped to pick up my water bottles and hid out in the car for a bit.

This is why I camped in my car for a few minutes. The rain was so hard it hurt my skin. eek.

But here was my bonus - hard to see but there is a rainbow there.

I was thinking that this was proof I was meant to keep going.

Can you see that it goes over the whole bridge? It's one of the only times I've ever seen a full half rainbow so I was suitably impressed.
I did log 8 miles. It was wet and slow and had several stops along the way.  I did actually try to swim a bit at the end but that was a disaster. First, I was by myself which does always freak me out. Then there were the impending storm clouds which just added some spice to the situation. Lastly, the tide was out so the water was about 3 inches deep for about 100 feet. I was seriously 30 feet from the buoy and just knee deep. I gave it a 2 minute try but my hands were touching the grass with my stroke which was totally grossing me out so I called it a morning.

Here's my pile o' stuff in the car seat when I got home.
I had actually doubled back home when I started to make sure I had the sunscreen. Turns out that wasn't so needed in the rain. But I was glad I had an extra towel in the car.

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