Friday, July 15, 2011

Race preview Trilogy 2 Key Biscayne - What a difference a year makes

Sunday I will race the Trilogy sprint tri on Key Biscayne. Swim .25, Bike 10 and run 3.1.

This race will mark my full year racing tri's. Of course my first race was Trilogy 1 in June last year but I didn't finish (due to a bike mechanical issue and a brother medical issue). So I'm calling Trilogy 2 my anniversary.

Last year this was the debut of the new bike. Hopefully After a year on little blue Bessy I'll see some improvement. If your curious big blue Bessy is my car.

I was really looking forward to a good year over year comparison on the same course. Unfortunately the course has changed so we'll see if it makes any difference in my performance. The new course has a very sheltered swim behind Marine Stadium and a much shorter transition but hits the hill on the bike right at the start and the run is apparently partly on a trail. I have precisely zero trail running experience.

It is going to be an interesting race for me because I'll honestly just be in it for the fun. I'm running 10 miles the day before as part of training for the NY Marathon which is my next "A" race.

So why on earth am I even racing? Good question. This year I'm a bit of a serial racer. I made a resolution to race every month. So that's why. It will be fun.

Goals for this race are vague because I have no idea how the 10 mile run will affect me. Also sadly even though I had put in all that work on my swim and bike preparing for Trinona in June with the increase in running mileage my swimming and biking has dropped way off. So, we'll see. I have 2 goals which are to start the swim with the group (normally I wait 5 seconds) and to keep my cadence up in the run.

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