Thursday, August 18, 2011

How do "you" wash your Heart Rate Monitor Strap?

Confession is good for you - or me
I'll start by admitting that until very recently I didn't wash my heart rate monitor strap. I didn't wear it all that often until a few months ago and I honestly didn't realize I was supposed to wash it.

How I learned was that my FR60 went kaput. The strap broke and it was still under warranty so my Local Running Store (LRS?) took it back and gave me a new one. When I brought my old stuff in to exchange the helpful clerk pointed to the puckering HRM strap and said, "you should wash this more often."

It's a good thing I don't embarrass easily because that could have been embarrassing.  It's also a good thing that I had delivered to him this icky unwashed strap in a ziplock bag so he didn't have to touch it since it was so obviously unwashed. That might have been even more awkward.

He suggested I just wear it into the shower. That was a good idea however that resulted in me leaving it in the shower for days and days at a time where it did me no good. That ended when my cleaning lady hung my HRM strap in the closet with my husband's belts (I know, what was she thinking?) and put my RoadID with my daughters play jewelry. It took me a good while to find them because ... well, it just did.

Later I got a different suggestion from a Garmin rep. which was to just rinse it in the sink. Aha, we have a winner!

Summertime is Stinkytime
Armed with this knowledge that I should be washing my HRM strap I headed into summer training time. Good thing I had learned about washing this thing because during the summer ... and this is gross but after a sweaty run I am a stinky mess.

I expected my clothes to stink but was a little surprised (although I don't know why) that both my HRM Strap and even my Road ID both stink. I know, I know EWWWWW. I know it's not very girlie and not sweet and nice but it's true. Gross or not it's the way it is.

So in the interest of saving other atheletes from embarrasing LRS situations like mine I'm going to share with you how I wash my stuff. I'm sure there are other methods but this is how I do it.
This is the way we wash our Heart Rate Monitor Strap: repeat 

First step: go to the sink :-)

I remove the little gizmo in the center ... I'm not sure that's necessary but it feels like the right thing to do.

Close the drain, add water.

Add soap, I use my hand soap. Lavender scented from Whole Foods if you're curious.

Swish, Swish, Swish

Hang on the spigot to drip dry for tomorrows sweat fest.

And that's it - No more stinky HRM strap or Road ID.

Later -A

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  1. And here I am, a shade under two years later and I have just now washed my hrm strap for the first time :)