Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Call Me Auntie

The most exciting news of the week. My newest niece has joined the family.

Yippee! No detailed info or pictures. You have to know her parents directly to get those kind of delicious goodies - sorry, but it is the Internet (pronounced innernet for those of you who were curious). So this morning my kiddos are busy picking halloween costumes out of a catalog for their cousins including their newest niece. Good times.

In training - racing news. I ran the bridge last night. This is my favorite course here in So Fla.

Water water everywhere. The views are great. The drive to and fro - not so much. But it's a small price to pay.

Also, I have decided I will not race the Trilogy 3 this weekend. My husband is traveling Sunday and it's too much pressure that I might be late for his departure and screw up his trip. I might volunteer. Then I will probably race the Speed Tri for my August race. I had sworn up and down I wouldn't do this race. First the swim course is a little icky (yum motor oil - although they swear it's safe) and also it's a first time race and I avoid those. More proof that I should never say never.


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