Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marathon Monday - 10 weeks and counting

It's Tuesday - I know, I know. I have no excuse. Well, I could have lots of excuses but none of them are good excuses.

Training Recap
Amazingly I still have not broken 30 miles in a week. I ran 29.57 miles this week. One of my runs was cancelled due to an Irene rain out. That is why I missed the mileage target. That and my 6 mile loop turned out to only be 5 miles. Oops.

My long run was 15 miles. It went well. I started with running buddy Melissa. I don't want to run alone in the dark. I did break out my reflectavest for the start of the run. This is major run geek apparel but it beats getting hit by a car. At 10 miles I broke away and ran in myself. There was no major chaffing and also no barfing. Woot Woot!

However, the long run made up too high a percentage of my total mileage. I think that's an equation for injury so it worries me. Good news - I wasn't very sore the next day. That was awesome. I volunteered at the Miami Speed Triathlon which was a great learning experience watching the other athletes do their thing. I did not wish I was racing. It was hot and the course looked ... icky.

So I had 2 sessions on the bike trainer including one where I watched a Sufferfest video. Those are killer. I couldn't really even do the whole thing. I was supposed to recover on a scale of 3/10 and what I did instead was rest ... effort 0/10 and then pick it up with the next interval. Humbling.

Looking ahead
My kids are both in school this week. Yippee!

There are 39 miles on the schedule today. I did 6 of them today already. If I don't break the 30 mile barrier this week - something has gone terribly wrong. My long run is scheduled for 16 miles. Sheesh that's a lot. I'm actually going to pick up a hat with a light on it today because as much as I might not want to I may be solo for this long run at the start since I think I'll be running longer than my buddies and also it's a holiday weekend.

Until tomorrow! A

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