Monday, August 22, 2011

Marathon Monday - 11 weeks and counting

More important than marathon training - today is our first day back to school. My daughter started second grade. I made a cake. It got off to a great start. Thanks for asking :-)
I should actually say I iced a cake because under all this frosting are two store bought pound cakes.

Now down to business.

Last Week's Summary
I missed two days of training last week due to my husband's travels. One was a run and one the group cycle. Not gonna sweat it. That's just the way I roll. So I didn't break 30 miles this week and my long run makes up too much of my mileage. That's okay. I did do my longest mid-week training run so far of 7 miles and it was a bridge run. Yowzer that's a workout. On that run I saw a spectacular sunset. Didn't take a photo - you'll have to trust me. I also did not swim this week. Ahem ... I am a slacker. I did do the group ride with the hammies. That was great as always. Beginner group with my friend Katie. It was good to be in the beginner group for only one reason and that is that I am now more confident that I am not a total beginner anymore.

I ran 28.5 miles this week. I biked 32.

The long run
The long run this week was 13 miles. I was on my own from mile 5 which was fine with me.

I love my training group but it is a die hard galloway walk-break taking group. I have done my first three marathons walk breaking all the way. But I am a very slow walker and therefore I want to walk less this marathon. I would say I don't want to walk at all but I continue to be unable to swallow water while running so ... I'll be walking to hydrate at a minimum.  

So, the break from the group allows me to run straight which is good practice for me. I had also put out my own cooler of ice water. I did stop and refill all my water bottles with ice water. That was great but I may have had too much water toward the end of the run because at the very end I felt icky. Just after stopping still feeling crapalicious I adjourned from the social park bench to behind the nearby bushes where I promptly upchucked my watery stomach contents.

Gross - I know. Sorry about that. I promise to probably never talk about poop on the blog because I hate reading about it on other blogs. But apparently sweat and vomit are not on my to be avoided list.

To be honest my only other vomitious events after exercising have all been after races so I am thinking it was just too much water in a jiggly stomach. I felt much better immediately.  My running buddy Max made me sit for a lot more minutes to make sure I was okay. He then also called me twice to be sure I was still okay. This is also the reason that it's good to be with a group. He was pretty sure it was heat related and he was concerned. Its good to have people around who are concerned when you feel icky.

Overall I'm glad that it happened now because I can work on my hydration plan between now and the race with this in mind.

Chaffing is something that happens during endurance sports. It sucks. I hate it. Last week I got some chaffing and I didn't like it. So I stocked up on the Body Glide to prevent it. But I apparently missed a spot as I got ready Saturday morning.
Ouch! I took a photo in the car to see what on earth had happened because it hurt already and I couldn't really see it in the car mirror.
This was cause for a trip to the running store. Where I was politely informed that I missed a spot with my body glide. Oh okay - really, ya think? I kept wanting them to tell me I needed different shirts. When possible I like problems I can shop my way out of.

Anyway - let me just say that if Body Glide is a public company - you should invest. Because I'm gonna bathe in the stuff before next weeks long run and the run after. Chaffing is not fun.
Also, I would like to say thank you to Aquafor for all those little samples in race bags over the years. I used them all this weekend protecting my super sore skin from contact with ... anything.

Looking Ahead
I have 36 miles on the schedule for this week. 15 of those are the long run. The goals in the long run are no chaffing, and no puking. I also plan to get back to the pool this week. Really, I do. And 2 cycles if possible.

The only thing that could get in my way is Hurricane Irene. Let's just all hope she stays out in the ocean because if  a category 3 hurricane hits my house ... I'm gonna be sad. Sad and wet and probably hot because the power will be out. I will possibly also be grouchy. 

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