Monday, August 1, 2011

Marathon Monday - 14 weeks to go

This past week was a light week. So let's start with something more fun - the monthly total.

In July I cycled 64 miles, swam 6600 yards and ran 104.9 miles. Hmmm... Had I known it was .9 I would have hustled out one more.1 but it's still a good total.

It was weird to have such a light week but it was out of my control so I didn't worry about it. I just enjoyed being with my kiddos and relaxing.

I did log 2 evening runs and a long run of 11 miles on Saturday plus a 36 mile bike ride yesterday. I been stepped up to the faster group and didn't get dropped... Well a little at the end but not much.

In fact there is all kinds of biking news this week. Both my kids dropped their training wheels this weekend. That's huge! So I spent most of my weekend walking up and down my block giving pushes and otherwise being the support crew for my younger cyclists.

The other progress this week was all about hydration. It's really hot here in South Florida - 24 hours a day hot and humid. How hot - well hot enough that my pool is about 93 degrees which in case you were wondering is not refreshing. In fact while it's okay for a few minutes after that you just want out. My husband has suggested that we search for a company to dump a gazillion ice cubes in to cool it off. Now that's funny.

Because I have a great training partner she picked up a cooler this week so we put out extra ice water during the long run. It worked so well that I'm going to pick up another cooler and we'll do that twice this coming Saturday. Even with all that water making sure I got enough water to rehydrate before the biking Sunday was a project. Then this morning I woke up with dry eyes and mouth and was glad it was a recovery day because I can concentrate on water water water all day and be ready to start up again tomorrow.

Goals for this week: 30 miles running with a long run of 12 miles, 2 swim workouts, 3 strength sessions and a cycle on Sunday. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Have a good week everyone.

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