Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marathon Monday or Tuesday - 13 weeks and counting

Running Late ... Late late for a very important date blog posting.

Last week I did run 30 miles. Seems like a lot. Highlights included 5 miles on the bridge and a 12 mile long run on Saturday. On Saturday I put out my own cooler (because I'm cool like that) and that was helpful. I do love ice water on the run. Also I discovered that my hr monitor caused a little chaffing. OUCH. I ran the last 8 miles by myself and I didn't walk much. I was all excited to see my results on Garmin but as it turns out they are having a wee bit of trouble this week at Garmin Connect so I don't have good data.. In fact on Saturday Garmin Connect was speaking to me in Swedish.

I'm happy to not be on their customer service team this week because it's probably not fun right now to have that job.  Today Garmin Connect tells me my elevation gain is 2608 feet. Um ... sorry not in Florida I think :-)

I did not swim. I am a slacker. I have a variety of excuses - none of them worth anything. MUST SWIM MORE.
I have a new goal - to not look like this in any more photos. What face am I making?

I did do my long bike ride. It was fun and it felt easier than the week before. My average was 17.5 which is way speedy for me. At the end a bird poo'd on me. Yuck. Also I managed to get a parking ticket on Saturday and a Speeding ticket on Sunday. WHAT?!?!

Actually the speeding ticket was just a warning as the overly polite Pinecrest Policeman observed that the family truck had never been pulled over for speeding before in its 8 years and we had a brief discussion that it's not a car known for speed (Ford Expedition).

As for the parking ticket - well I'm just a loser. I forgot to pay with the pay by phone thing. I'm blaming this on oxygen deprivation after the run.

This week my plan calls for 24 miles including a one mile time trial. EEEK. Actually not eeek I'm looking forward to it. I have to find an open track. Strangely tracks are not at every high school here in South Florida. I am lowering my swim expectations to one swim workout and an open water swim. I do still want to do my abs workout and I want to put my bike on the trainer now that I have the correct skewer.

Also Trilogy #3 is this Sunday. Go ME!
Lastly, now that my kiddos are off the training wheels I am looking for a kids tri for my daughter. :-)
Really Really Lastly  - today I hope to be an Auntie Again and I'm SOOOO EXCITED.

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  1. That picture is awesome!

    It sounds like your training is going great! Keep it up!