Monday, September 12, 2011

Marathon Monday - 8 weeks and counting, is that right?

To be honest the New York Marathon seems like it's right around the corner.

I'm tinkering with my wardrobe, adding up the miles and starting to plan a post-race bar-b-que / birthday party.

The Log
I logged 30.44 run miles according to my trusty Garmin. (Actually not so trusty this week but more on that later. ) And a whopping 65.50 mile bike ride on Sunday. I also did a 45 minute bike trainer session on Wednesday night because I was too disorganized to get my run in :-)

The long run this week was 14 miles and it felt good. We left from South Miami Hospital which is the starting place for the Footworks training. It was like coming home after a long summer of starting from Cocoplum Circle. Except I got a little lost in the dark. They are building a new building and I couldn't find the path from the parking garage. I asked somebody dressed like a doctor who was smoking outside. He pointed me in the right direction. In another random thought how can doctors smoke. I mean what sense does it make that you would give individuals advice concerning their health and silmultaneously put that garbage into your body? I don't always make perfect nutrition decisions but smoking seems obviously bad for you.

Is that a twinge?
For me the overwhelming anxiety preparing for a marathon is an injury that can halt progress or prevent completing the race. In the past my nemesis has been the IT Band but so far my IT Band is working with me. However after my trainer session on the bike I had a twinge in my hamstring. I've never fully "pulled" my hamstring but I was confident it wasn't pulled it's just tight as can be. So, I rolled and stretched all week and tried to get into the chiropractor but wasn't able to make an appointment (admittedly I didn't call until Thursday mid-day). So, by the long run I felt fine but one of my running buddies did say it looked like my gait was off. That's a goal for this week - to get that figured out. 

Fueled by Captain Crunch
For this weeks run I varied from my old reliable standard pre-run meal of Oatmeal and ate Captain Crunch.  It may have been a mistake so it's back to Oatmeal next week for the longer run.

I did do what I had promised myself and stuck to my own pace once the sun was up. I felt much better about the pacing.

Riding to Roberts Circle K
Roberts is a juice bar in Florida City and the turn around point for the long cycling rides of the Hammerheads. I've been there once on a ride but I started half-way so this was my first time doing the full ride. Roberts is actually closed while they work in the fields until November 1 so we stopped at Circle K which I presume is pretty close by.

The way down was great. I kept with the pack and felt good. I had brought 2 frozen water bottles, a plain GU and some pretzle chips. I also ate a more formidable breakfast than the week before. Captain Crunch and a hard boiled egg. Enough with the Captain Crunch ... it's garbage ... I know but I still couldn't face the oatmeal.

At Circle K I picked up some red Gatorade and the magic orange peanut butter crackers. I felt like I was cheating on my son who has a severe nut allergy but they are delicious.

We headed out and I tried to make sure I was at the front of the pack (but not the very front because I was tired) and when we stopped at the light to cross US-1 we met up with another pack of riders with a lot of familiar faces. We crossed US-1 and hit a headwind. Also, part of our pack hit the turbo button. We were riding 21mph into the headwind and after a short bit I could not keep up. My legs were out of gas. Completely out of gas.

I gave it all I had and noticed that my friends Chris and Melissa were ahead of me but not in the pack. I thought that they were going slower so that I wasn't alone but it turns out they couldn't keep up either.

Just past Homestead Speedway a big guy went by me just a tad faster than me. I knew that if I let him go I'd be struggling the whole way home so I put my mental tractor beam on his wheel and followed him for a while. He was a bigger guy and perfect for be to draft behind. We picked up Melissa and Chris and together we took turns pulling the whole way back. Every time we headed East we hit that same crazy head wind and it was insanely hard. If one of the guys was in front we could hold 18mph but if it was Melissa or me it was maybe 17 ... okay for me 16 :-) We picked up some other riders who were dropped on the way back so I felt less like a wimp. Actually, even though I was clearly dropped I was very proud of myself for the ride. Average speed was over 17mph which I felt was pretty great.

I never caught that guys name but I would really like to say thank you for helping me home. I did tell him thank you when we stopped at a light so he's probably not out there thinking I'm some rude chick who just let him do all the work ... I hope.

Afterwards I had a gigantic iced coffee with Hammerheads at Einstein where Chiara was trying to brainwash us all into signing up for the Florida Ironman race next year. She was not successful but she is determined :-)

So that's the week in review.

Looking ahead
This week has 41 run miles on the log. Nope that's not a typo 41 miles. That includes mile repeats on a track which means I really do have to find a track that's open to the public. It also includes a long run of 18 miles. That's going to be an early morning. Scheduling will be a challenge this week. I'm not planning to cycle on Sunday.

I have some shopping to do this week. I'm out of Gu. Also my garmin heart rate monitor is not working it's displaying things like 50 when I'm running up the bridge. That's not right. I've tried to change the batteries but I was unsuccessful. I'm going to take it into Footworks and see if they can help. Also, I need a new bike helmet. I get a scab from something in the front and it makes me look like I have skin cancer. Lastly, new socks are needed.

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