Monday, September 5, 2011

Marathon Monday - 9 weeks and counting

This post is brought to you by Ninja Fruit. It's a game - a silly, mind-numbing game that my kids are rotting out to in the kitchen. But you know what's even more boring? Watching kids play Ninja Fruit. That's what I was doing before I started to write this post.

Today I feel that I have earned my rest day. I logged 38 miles this week in running which is a lot. It may be the most I've logged in a long time. Unfortunately my record keeping it too spontaneous to be sure. This topped out with a 16 mile long run. Then for recovery from that I biked 54 miles yesterday. I am happy to be resting today.
The new coffee maker is working perfectly. It's carafe free so we can't break that part :-) When I say we I do mean my ever graceful husband.

Reflections on the Long Run
I am one of those marathoners who believe that the heart of marathon training is in the long run and total mileage run. Not everyone believes that but I do. I also personally believe that speed comes not from the long run but from speed specific activities on shorter runs. Let it be said I'm not setting any speed records.

The perfect ratio of red Gatorade to water 3:1

However, I actually think my long run this week was too slow. The idea of the long run is to build your endurance threshold so it's the duration of the long run that's really helping however if you go too slow I wonder if it's really doing this.

And here's the conundrum.  It's a delicate balance of slow and uninjured versus quicker and perhaps hurt. Arrgh - no way to be sure.

The Napover
The distances this weekend were too long to not have an afternoon nap. Saturday I napped during Spongebob with my youngest son. He was adorable he set up pillows for my head and feet on the couch before we started. Sunday, I collapsed apparently practically mid-sentence with my husband. When I awoke I felt a little groggy and confused for the remainder of the day. I have come up with the word napover for the feeling. Like a hangover just from a nap.
Napover (n): The feeling of fogginess that persists after a nap that just wasn't quite long enough.
gratuitous picture of a little injured bird that hung out on our porch this week. Eventually Jack scared him into flight.

Counting Down
9 weeks is in the single digits of weeks but still a long way to go. It feels like it's right around the corner and yet still very far away. Preventing injury is still a major concern especially since the mileage is getting so high. My plan is to keep plugging away - taking care of my nutrition, trying to avoid the flu, doing some sit-ups to increase core strength and I'm going to try to get back in the pool.

Looking forward
This week is actually a recovery week. So only 32 miles on the plan. But in that is another mile time trial. For fun I am actually going to try to do this on a track. Should be roughly the same but no intersections and stuff to worry about.  Every week on my plan is a hill workout. We don't have many hills here so I run the bridge which is really hill repeats (up, down, turnaround, up, down, turnaround). Funny because this week the schedule calls for hill repeats. No change for me there.

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