Monday, September 19, 2011

Marathon Training - 7 weeks to go

41.63 miles.

Maybe that should be my whole post. Just maybe.

Okay - not. But that is my first 40 mile week and that's pretty cool.

7 weeks to go - WHAT!
Every Monday I have a little confusion because my training program is a week ahead of me. Sort of. Training Peaks emails me my workouts every day. It's nice. The first thing it says on Mondays is "congratulations, after this week you have xxxx weeks left." Did you catch the magic word?


So today the message said 6 weeks to go and I had a mini freak out like I do every Monday until I remembered, Oh yeah plus this week. 6 +1 = 7 and that seems correct.

Sheesh. so confusing. Dear Runners World -- Monday is at the "beginning" of the week.

So I ran 41 miles this week. I feel pretty good.


Hit the track (should have taken a picture)
I did a track workout of mile repeats. I went to the track at Tropical Park. It was very nice. The path for my warm up was pretty shaded and the track was pretty empty (but not shady). My fantastic Garmin was set to automatically do it's garmin thing at every mile so even though I pressed lap at the start and finish of all my single miles my data was all kinds of off. So when I got home I turned that setting off.

Hit the Treadmill  (that would be a boring picture)
I then did a tempo run on the treadmill at the gym. That was horrible. I am not a good treadmill runner. I was there with my water, my watch and my phone for music. I was sooooooooooooo bored. I sent about a million annoying tweets because I had nothing else to do. I had imaginary races with the folks next to me on treadmills ... I always won because a) I was going faster and b) nobody else was that crazy to stay on the treadmill as long as I did.

Oh ... and even though I was in one spot the whole time I was there. I managed to lose my keys. What?!? I know. I still don't know how it happened. But I must have set them somewhere and somebody else picked them up and thought that they were theirs.

It was very stressful. It was also a little embarrassing.

I had to walk to my daughters gymnastics team meeting about a mile away which wouldn't have been bad except I had just run 9 miles and was pretty tired and hungry since my wallet was in my car where I couldn't get. BECAUSE I HAD NO KEYS. So there I was all sweaty for my mommy meeting with the other mommies (who were all dressed and showered ... awkward, yes). Then my husband picked me up and we looked like idiots looking for my keys under all the treadmills in the gym. But luckily the next day I went back and somebody had turned them in.

To rewind a bit let me recap the phone call to my husband from the LA Fitness Gym when I was freaking out. We're of course both on mobile phones I'm standing outside in a mall he's driving so just use your imagination for the ambient noise.

Me:     I lost my keys at the Gym and I need to get to the Gym for Dylan's meeting.
Him:   What?
Me:     (not understanding the confusion) I don't know how but I lost my keys at the Gym and I need   to Get to the Gym  for Dylan's Gymnastics meeting.

Him:    So, I need to pick up Dylan?
Me: No, what are you not understanding about this! I was on the treadmill at the Gym and now I've lost my keys and I need to get to the Gym for the parents meeting about the Gymnastics team meeting but I can't get into my car.

Him: This is very confusing. Why do you need your car to get to the Gym if your at the Gym?
Me: (probably screetching like a banshee and still not understanding the confusion): I'm at the LA Fitness Gym at Sunset Place I need to get to the Gymnastics Gym!

Hee hee I was so stressed I didn't realize the confusion until later that night when I had calmed down and eaten and showered and my hubby did his impersonation of me during the conversation. If I ever make a movie ...

Going Long
My long run was 18 miles. That was pretty good. It was a very long day but I felt strong through the whole run. Surprisingly I don't have much soreness at all the rest of Saturday, Sunday or even today. I guess that means the training is working.
Hanging in the hallway before the run. Notice the new cyborg lights under the hat.
After the run sitting down outside waiting for my buddy Carol. I think I look pretty refreshed for having just finished 18 miles.

So, remember back on the track when I had the issue because my Garmin was marking the end of every mile and so my mile repeat data was wacked and then I turned that off. Well, I should have turned that back on for the long run because unfortunately my data was recorded as one giant lap for all 18 miles. I'm not going to worry about it but I was trying to pick up my pace for the last 3 miles (as instructed by "the plan" and my brain power was depleted by this point so even though I was watching the watch I would have like to have analyzed this data after. Unfortunately ... no can do. One lap 17.91 miles - that's it. Drat. Lesson learned.

Toenail watch 2011.
I think it's a gonner. But we'll see. It hurt putting on the compression socks after the run. That's probably not a good sign. I had wrapped a band-aid on it for the run which I think immediately slid down to the bottom of my toe (not helpful).
Because what you always wanted to see was my soggy post run toes. It's the second toe. You can see the bruise / blister under the nail. Well at least I can ;-)
What's next.
Well there are 43 miles on this weeks schedule. That includes a 20 miler on Saturday.  Makes me tired just to write that. Also there is a 10 miler with 8 at marathon pace. This is what got me on the treadmill this week. Marathon pace is hard to hold in the heat. So the question is. Do I brave the treadmill again or just adjust the pace. To be determined. Tune in next Monday to find out.

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