Monday, September 26, 2011

NYC Marathon Training - 6 weeks and counting

This week was a challenging week of training. It felt hard every step of the way. In fact for the first time during marathon training I cut a workout short.

Welcome Autumn
In the good news category the Autumn weather is making its way to us in the tropics. It takes a while. But I know it's coming because it's about 1 degree cooler and I feel like I've moved into an aviary. There are birds everywhere. Soon they should be very fat birds because we're also having a dragonfly invasion. Soon that will mean cooler training but not yet - not really.

I ran 39.87 miles this week. I might go ahead and round that to 40 for my mental tally.

I started Tuesday with the 3.8 mile fun run with Footworks. That's always fun and a good way to start the week.

Wednesday I went to the track for Yasso 800s.  Yasso 800s are supposed to be a good predictor of marathon pace. You use your hopeful marathon finishing time in minutes as your time to run the 800. If you can do that for ten 800s with a recovery lap in between then you're ready to run that time.

The plan was a 2 mile warm up and then 6 Yasso 800s and then 2 mile cool down. Running the 2 mile warm up was great. This is my second favorite place to run now because of the shade.
It's about 10 degrees cooler in the shade so this is a dream path for me. Unfortunately the track has no shade.

This is a man-made hill where people come for hill work. You can see the path that runners have worn in the grass. Also where I think the Miami-Dade cross country routes are run. We have no hills. Only bridges and this mound we call a hill.
Here's the track. Notice the crowd ;-) All mine my own private track.

I quit after the 5th Yasso 800 because I was overheating and seeing stars. My biggest fear is to be out running alone and collapse with a heat related thing. So, I didn't push it.
This is me after I stopped. Do I look a little overheated?

On my way to a drink with ice (lots of ice) I snapped this picture of the incoming rain. I could use the weather as an excuse but I'd be fibbing. I was too hot.
 Thursday was 10 miles with 8 miles at Marathon pace. I decided to do this outside and not inside on the treadmill. The first half was good. It wasn't as fast as I'd like but fast enough but then the wheels came off. At the half-way point I knew my heart rate was high and so I drank a whole bottle of water with my gel. I didn't sit but I walked while I did this. My heart rate came down and I began to sweat and cool down. I started running again but not couldn't hold the faster pace. It was depressing. Mile 8 ish I even got the chills which I know is not a good sign. I took my hat off and put water on my head and also I walked a lot of the last mile. I'm really hoping that in the cooler temperatures I'll be able to keep a faster pace but there's really no way to know until I get there and it's driving me bananas.
What my Thursday run looked like. Notice the constant resting in the second half followed by lots of walking. Yuck!
Friday I thought I'd make up the miles I skipped on Wednesday but instead I gave into my training funk and took it as a rest day. I was crabby all day. We should all feel sorry for my family because I was a major grouch. By the evening I had figured it out so I apologized.

Saturday - Long run day. Started with my crew at 4:45. Woke up 10 minutes late but still made it with plenty of time.

Somehow I managed to lose my 2 GUs in the first 5 minutes. WHAT?!? Luckily my running buds carry extras and I bummed a stinger and ate my gu chomps.

It was a fine run. I felt slow the whole way. My legs were just tired.  I went out at a good pace with a new person we picked up at the start named Miren. but had to slow down to not lose my running mates in the dark. That's bad running karma to drop a running pal in the dark. I stopped and goofed off for a total of 20 minutes during the run. Water stops, potty stops, chatting stops. That's an eternity. At the end of 18 miles last week I was able to finish strong. Well at the end of 20 miles I was not. My legs were toast. So I gave it all I had and I'll be happy with that.
One missing gu apparently dropped on the way out of the car. The other - mystery. I blame the little elastic straps on the amphipod water belt.
When I got back to my car I found a GU that I dropped apparently on the way out of the car. oops.

The good news is I have no soreness at all. In fact on my recovery run today I felt great.

So last week was tough. But now it's over and we're onto next week. Moving forward. Doing the best we can. I did rest yesterday but now I'm stacking my workouts through Wednesday because I'm traveling at the end of the week. Just me and the kiddos. Alas there won't be any working out without kiddo coverage. So I'll be resting these legs. Next weeks update will probably be boring because I won't have done much. I'll have to come up with some jokes or something.


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