Friday, September 23, 2011

Product Review - Honey Stinger Gel

I have tried something new. I have been a GU Gel  user since about 2000. That was back when we could get plain GU without caffeine. Those were good times.

In getting ready for the NYC Marathon on November 6. I'm making my nutrition plan. I have a running buddy who loves these Honey Stinger Gels and Cookies. They have a big plus - they are all natural and they are caffeine free.

My stomach can only take so much caffeine so I was interested to try them.

On Tuesday night while at my local running store (Footworks - South Miami) I picked up a Honey Chocolate Stinger gel.

And I tried it on Thursday for my hotter than hot 10 mile run. Our temps here in Miami are still in the low 90s once the sun is up so the gel packet was nice and warm when I opened it.

Here are my thoughts:
  • The pouch was very easy to open. That's great. 
  • The consistancy was not like a GU gel because the honey had warmed up from being in the heat of my pouch next to my body in the hot Florida sun for 5 miles. It was very thin and viscous. I had to pay attention to not spill it. This makes sense because it's honey and that's what honey does when you warm it up. But it wasn't entirely easy to manage. My fingers and chin were sticky.
  • Next, I remembered that I don't love the taste of honey. Never have but that's just an opinion. It always catches me by surprise because I feel like I should like honey more. I do like honey on biscuits but only if there is no strawberry jam. 
  • There was practically no chocolate flavor that I could find. It's mostly honey. It's very sweet and it took me a few sips to get it down because of that sweetness. 
  • If you like the taste of honey you will like these gels. 
  • But it performed. It gave me the energy I needed to finish the run and it didn't upset my stomach at all. 
So, while I'm not a convert because of my finicky anti-honey taste buds I would recommend at least trying them if you like honey.

A Bonus Extra Random Thought
As a follow up thought. I think that one of the great benefits from honey is if you choose local honey. Because it's made from local plants it has all kinds of allergy immune system help which is very cool. Honey Stinger is made in Colorado but if you're not from Colorado and wanted to be honey powered you could look for local honey packets at a health food store and that might be a very cool local organic alternative.

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