Friday, September 16, 2011

Sixty Six miles sticks with you

If you read this blog ... and I know that you do. Well then you read about my biking the longest distance to date 66 miles. It was quite an achievement. I am proud of myself.

Like all endurance first times this distance has stuck with me through the week. But not in the way you might think. My muscles actually felt better than after the 54 mile ride the week before. Well except my shoulder. Apparently I tense my shoulders while biking I have to stop that because it hurts later.

But more importantly... my ankle and my forehead are healing.

Before we even set out I was waddling my bike toward the start and I scraped the side of my ankle against the cleat. it stung a bit but not really and it didn't really bleed but later in the shower I learned I had carved a little whole in my leg. That stung a bit. I put a band-aid on it to prevent myself from screaming like a banshee when my 5-year old tried to touch it. I was just able to peel the band-aid off yesterday.
Ankle scuff on the bottom. Also not related to the bike ride but we are into the part of marathon training known as operation toenail watch. The toenail that occasionally doesn't make it is indicated above. The status is currently: tender with a little sub nail bruising.

Skin cancer ... nope. Abrasion from bike helmet. Wtf? Just for fun this little doozy started to darken through the week and was joined by a monster zit on my chin (not pictured) People were asking me what happened thinking I fell somewhere or ran into a door. Nope, self-inflicted.

Here is the offending helmet. To the right you can see the velcro that gently rubbed my forehead for 66 miles. It actually didn't hurt at all maybe because my skin was protected by the flimsy layer of fabric to the left. Uh nope not much protection there.
I looked at my helmet compared to my kids both of which were purchased within the year and their velcro coverings are padded and plush. Also in comparison to their helmets mine smells like old stinky sweat. So, I think that a new helmet is in order.

I actually am not riding this weekend because I've been summoned by the mother-in-law to deliver the grandkids. But as it turns out it looks like my body needs a rest. Oh and there's the little matter of the 18 mile run on Saturday so I actually don't feel guilty.

Tune in later to hear about how I managed to lose my keys while running in place on a treadmill - nope I'm not kidding.


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