Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amphipod hydration belt product review

I actually bought this Amphipod Hydration Belt over the summer. I hadn't reviewed it because it's a fuel belt and really what is there to say. But in the last few weeks a few people have asked if I liked it and I realized I do have something to say.

First some history. This is not my first fuel belt. As it turns out I collect these like strollers. Luckily for my budget I don't need anymore strollers. Fuel belts are more affordable. My first was a belt that holds one big bottle on your back - the bouncing is annoying. Then I bought a camelback - they are hard to clean. Then I bought a series of Nathan fuel belts. They were fine but mine only held 2 bottles. I have 2 of these for some reason (red and pink).

For the summer training I was in the market for a 4-bottle belt. My local running store now carries 90% amphipod. They really endorse it.

What's good about this belt. Well they have made the belt out of stretchy stuff so it fits snuggle on your hips and it doesn't slip and need to be tightened every few miles.

Also good about this belt is that the bottles are a little bigger. And actually you can get larger bottles if you want.

Now for things I don't love about the belt.

The bottles snap into their spots. This has some drawbacks. The first is that you cannot freeze the bottles or they won't snap in. Bummer. Next is that I am always dropping these bottles. Seriously about 8-10 times in a long run. It's majorly annoying. Could be user error but still annoying.

Next, the bottles leak. This is a pain. One of the features is that you can have the bottles either up/down or sideways. Whichever you like. But in my experience if you put your bottles sideways they leak.

Last thing I don't love. The pocket is not big enough. This is a 4 bottle belt it's made for long runs but I cannot fit more than my phone and 4 Gu packs. Even that is too snug and I actually popped the zipper which is a bummer. It has these elastic straps that are meant to hold the Gus but they are to big. I tried them on a long run and I dropped 3 Gu's immediately. Luckily my buds had extras or else I would have been in trouble.

So I don't love it or hate it. I give it a solid "meh" take it or leave it.

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