Monday, October 31, 2011

Marathon Monday - Training for the NYC Marathon Last Update

There is less than one week to go.

It's time to pack and my foam roller doesn't fit into my suitcase. Perhaps the concierge will have one?  I mean what concierge doesn't have a foam roller :-)

Dinner reservations for Saturday and Sunday are made.

I've downloaded the NYC Marathon app and so has my step-daughter. She's my official tracker.  My bib is 52373 you can track me too.

My father-in-law and I made a plan for me to get to the start. We looked at the race map which is funny because I printed it on 8.5x11 paper and it's tiny - you can't read a thing.

And basically I'm in taper misery. Did my last long run on Saturday and volunteered at Miami Ironman 70.3 Sunday which made the marathon look like a walk in the park.

I'm pretty excited. Also, psst ...  I've been selected as an official blogger / tweeter for the Marathon that's fun too. They may have selected everybody who sent in their blogs - I have no idea but I'm taking it as a compliment.

I have so much to say it's hard to figure out where to start. So let's talk about weather.  I do hope it doesn't rain. Yesterday for the Ironman it rained and was windy all day long. It was miserable and still so many competitors completed the race. I was impressed by their determination.

I was thinking about how when I sign up for a race my imagination is all about easy running, new PR times and great weather. For the most part that holds up true. I've never done a race as an adult in horrible weather. But of course, it happens.  I've been to at least one NYC Marathon finish in the rain - so it happens. But I hope for clear skies on Sunday in NY I really do.

My kids love fireworks more than almost anything except trick or treating, their own birthday parties and Christmas morning. So, we'll be checking those out in the park Friday night. Also, I want them to see the finish line if possible because they will think that's cool.
The Expo
I am going to go to the Expo on Saturday. I'm not making my family go. I like to check it out and I have pre-race jitters so it makes me feel better. But my family hates race expos. The crowds stress my kids out and they want to buy every annoying blinking light plus my husband finds it boring. So they are doing their own thing. The kids are seeing a show.

Then I'll rest in the hotel - feet up.  

The start plan
So, my first marathon was Disney. I was at the start in 32 degrees for 3 hours before the start. I was miserable and I vowed to never to a race with such a start line ridiculousness again. Never say Never. I am booked onto the 7:00 am ferry to Staten Island and my start is at 10:40.

Say what? I know, it's crazy. I'm going to be waiting at the start line for about 3 hours. I may also be by myself for this time because so far none of my buddies have an orange start. I'm a big girl I can handle this. Remember my training mantra for this race was to run my own race. I won't forget that now. Really, I won't.

What are you wearing?
It's probably going to be 45 degrees at the start. Here in the tropics it's still 80. 45 is not that cold but I am not acclimated to that temperature. So, I'm going to be decked out in all my sweats  ( seriously I'll have on probably 2 pair )and I plan to bring a blanket and those warmer things for skiing. Plus I'm packing a Disney rain poncho. So watch for the photos of Amy the homeless person at the start line because none of these are matching pieces :-) All of these sweats, blanket and poncho I'll ditch just before the start into the donation buckets and leave just my long sleeve running jacket, hat, and gloves. Also, yesterday was a good lesson because I was standing for 5 hours and my legs were really tired so I'm going to make a point to sit / lay down if I can find a spot before the start. That may be impossible.

I'm in the Orange Start. There are 3 waves of the start and in each wave there are 3 colors for different groups (Blue, Orange and Green). I have looked at the pdf of the start village and I think I'm on top of the bridge. I hope I'm reading this right and I'm on top of the bridge but there's nothing I can do if I'm not so I'm not going to worry about it. I only want to be on top to enjoy the experience more see the views and such ... otherwise there's no difference.

The race plan
I plan to run 10 minute miles and repeat that 26.2 times. I'm going to sign up with the 4:30 pace group I've never done that before so we'll see how I feel about it then.  I will walk approximately every 4  miles or so through a water station  to take my GU with water. I want to keep these walk breaks to under a minute which should be doable. I plan to take in the sights and enjoy the day.

Look for my family after the 59th street bridge and also as we round Central Park South.

The finish plan
Cross the finish line. This is the only finish line I can visualize accurately in advance because I've been to this finish. Strike a cool pose. Repeat - cool, not dorky. Make it to Harry's apartment without collapsing where I'll meet my family.

Shower - Ice Bath - Birthday dinner for my mother-in-law.

Pass out!

Fly home with my newest medal. That's the plan.

My next report may be from the MOP (middle of the pack) Mopette reporting from the Mop. :-)

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