Friday, October 14, 2011

A new first --

Tomorrow is my longest run before the NY Marathon.

22 miles.

While up North runners are experiencing perfect cool running weather we here in the almost tropics will still be a bit warmer.

I try to follow directions. It's helpful when assembling childrens toys (not so much IKEA furniture). So, the NYMarathon race committee sent out a tip today ... a tip I'm going to ignore. The tip was to start the run at the same time the race will be run. It's good advice if you aren't in Miami. But I'm in Miami where the high tomorrow might be 86. Because we're in the tropics (almost) we hit the high temp at about 10 am ... okay 9 am.

On race day I'll be starting at 10:40 (probably more like 11 when I cross the mat). But tomorrow I'm starting at 4:40.

Yes - AM.

4:40 AM. At that time it will only be about 75 maybe 78 still. It will also be dark (hopefully not raining) and when we run through South Miami and then Coconut Grove the bars will just be emptying out of the last of the late night party hounds. That's always funny.

I know, I'm crazy. But it's just too hot later in the day to run 22 miles.

So, for the first time since my kids were born I am probably going to bed before my kids. I think this because I'm in my pajamas and they are still chilling on the couch watching tv with their dad. Don't get me wrong I'm actually looking forward to it because I'm tired. But it did occur to me that it's a little funny.

And such is the exciting life of a middle of the pack marathoner.

Speaking of middle of the pack. I think I am giving myself a new nickname. The Mopette. (prounounced mop-ette) Get it Middle Of the Pack -ette.

Let me know what you think. Don't steal it. That's bad karma. But let me know if anybody else has already had this idea. Occassionally things I think are crazy original are really common. It happens.

-Amy aka the Mopette off to bed

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