Monday, October 24, 2011

Training for the NYC Marathon - 2 weeks - are you kidding?

This will be my 4th marathon but this one has more hooplah to go with it than any other marathon I've ever done.

Pre-race jitters
It's enough to give me pre-race jitters. This week I obsessed a little bit about my 7:00 am ferry reservation for my 10:40 start time but then I just gave up and said (to myself) oh whatever. So, I'll sit on a curb with 60,000 of my running friends for 4 hours before the start. Whatever.

Luckily the taper which began last week but that week had 43 miles in it has actually begun this week. Which has many fewer miles. Which is good because I'm tired.

What I did this week
I did do mile repeats on the treadmill last week. That was awful. The treadmill is always awful to me. I was supposed to do 8 miles but I only made it 6.5 because I couldn't take it anymore. When I get off the treadmill I'm all woozy and dizzy. I think it's from the constant vibration of the treadmill but I'm just guessing. It's not pleasant. Does this happen to anyone else?

I also did my very first solo long run. 15 miles all by myself. Don't get me wrong I saw lots of people I knew along the way but I started and ran and finished all by myself. The best part was I got to do it all my way so it was a good race day test. The next best part was that I got to start from my driveway - that was excellent.

It was very dark when I started at 5:50. We have no street lights down in my neck of the suburbs so I mean it when I say it was dark. I was pretty confident that every palm frond that had fallen onto the sidewalk was a snake. The wind rustling the leaves the ficus bushes next to the sidewalk wasn't very reassuring. So, I was a little jumpy but there were no snakes. Two spiderwebs and one dead opossum but no snakes, or other tropical creepy crawlies that I saw.

Also challenging was the Old Cutler path which is uneven with tree roots that have grown under the asphalt so I took to holding my light in my hand so as not to kill myself. Then right around Cartegena Circle (aka Cocoplum circle to those who don't look at a map for the name) the sun came up. That was glorious. I looked East down the canal and saw the rising sun. Sadly for you, the reader I did not take a picture.

I ran into a peacock on Old Cutler on the way home. Not something I expect to see on the race course in New York - although you never know.
The weather was cool. (68 at the start probably maybe a little cooler but not much). I tried and failed to imagine what it will feel like to be out in 50 degree weather wearing my little shorts.

I tested my nutrition plan during this run. My plan is to run 2 miles and then walk up to a minute through a water stop. I figured out how to get my watch to do that as an interval workout. I know what you're thinking: Amy is a Garmin genius ... I agree. Every 40 minutes or so that will include a GU. I also tried the yummy cliff blocks this time but while I can easily slurp a GU in a minute I cannot chew up 3 of those blocks in the same time so they are out of my plan. Out with the blocks - out with the Stingers - GU all the way.

I kept a good pace and it didn't feel too hard so I'm encouraged for the race. I thought to myself could I hold this pace for 9 more miles and I answered myself with a solid, "maybe". Oh well that's as good as I'm gonna get before the race.

After the run I took the kiddos to breakfast with my running buddy Carol.  They had chocolate chip pancakes (yum) Carol and I had eggs (yeah protein!) Then I took a nap and then later that day we had my daughter's 8th birthday party. 8 year old girls are maniacs but that's a different story. Good day overall I'll say.

What's next
This week has only easy runs on the schedule. I plan to buy a new pocket camera to carry during the race mine is worn out. Races that are a pain to get to the starting line (like Disney) I usually don't repeat and this one while it is my dream marathon appears by all accounts to be a real pain to get to the start and also from the finish. The point is I'm going to photograph the day as it happens.

Last items to obsess about appear to be - where to eat Saturday Night. Oh and not getting sick. Both my kids and my husband have a cold. I have or think I might have that tickle in the back of my throat so I'm making chicken soup as I type because that would be a big gigantic bummer. And packing but I'll leave that to next week to obsess about.

Off I go - to the kitchen. Amy, the mopette.

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