Monday, November 21, 2011

Becoming a Tri-Mom

Because I'm a USAT member we get the USAT magazine when it comes quarterly I think. In it is a section for Kids Triathons. My daughter saw it a few times and then about 6 months ago she asked if she could do a kids tri. I ignored her since she was still on training wheels.

But she kept asking so I researched it and finally found one not too far away on a weekend when we were available. That was this weekend.
her number and cap

Observation one is that for some reason  there are no kids tris in Miami. Go figure I have no idea why.

We picked up the packet on Saturday. Our questions were all about they swim. They explained how the kids would snake through the pool. It was pretty confusing. Dylan's one question was about the water temperature. The director said the pool was warm almost too warm. 

So we hoofed it up to Broward Community college with the whole crew in tow for her first race. I have never been in so much of a panic for one of my own events. It's honestly almost unbearable as a grown up. I just wanted her to have fun.

It was raining on the way up. Disaster. I was so stressed about being late I clenched my teeth until my jaw hurt.

Dylan with her big brother before the race.

But the rain was just on and off during the race so it wasn't that bad.

She hated the swim because the water was only 77 degrees. Actually to be honest she only swam 25 of the suggested 100 yards and there were tears. It was *not* fun for me. But luckily since it was a kids event they let her go on to race.

Observation two is that kids who had done swim team competitions had a pretty big advantage with this race. Because they were more ready to jump in and go. It was a time trial start. Kids went every 10-15 seconds. About one out of every 15-20 kids didn't make it through the whole swim. I don't know if that's normal or not.
The swim was in a pool you can see them lined up waiting to start.

So she went on and did the 2 mile bike and half milerun. She was all grins when we saw her on the bike and at the start and finish of the run. I had made two gigantic signs and brought all our maraccas and cow bells so we were a crazy cheering crew which I think she liked a lot.
The bikes are all too small for the racks so they sit underneath. It's pretty cute.

A volunteer actually walked Dylan to the edge of transition.

Doesn't she look AWESOME!

Interestingly they give the racers a lot of help at the transition area of the bike which is good. They took her swim cap off and helped her with the helmet and got her on her way. Unfortunately that was sort of the end of the support on the bike course and I actually saw a car driving on the course which made me *very* unhappy.

The run was through campus. She ran by us full speed then we headed to the finish and I saw her between two buildings she was taking a walk break. Smart girl like mom - walk when nobody's watching :-) She finished strong. She got a ribbon and a certificate which we'll frame for fun.
That little pink spot is here coming right at us. She's was going full speed!

Super strong finish!

So, sadly officially it was a DNF but I think she'll survive. I'm incredibly proud of her for trying to do the race and finishing what she did. However, I'm not hunting down any more triathlons for her at the moment.
Her very own race shirt. I think she's pretty proud. I know I am.
It was a long day. We went to breakfast and then spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa.

Next up for the kids - The Turkey Trot. This they did last year and they love it.

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