Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks

Having kids changes the way you look at everything. Even or maybe especially holidays. My kids are old enough that they have questions about the holidays. It's interesting as an adult to have to explain to your kids about holidays because in my experience sometimes you learn that you don't know much about said holiday. For example my son asked yesterday if there were any other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving. I said no. Then I said, wait, yes, Canada also celebrates a Thanksgiving ... I think. Luckily I run with some Canadians and I was able to get my facts straight about the Canadian Thanksgiving before bedtime. They do - its in October, "eh". I like to come up with things that I'm thankful for and so here is this year's list. My Heath and the health of the rest of my family. It's the easiest thing to take for granted but being healthy is a huge blessing. Personally I feel lucky,I mean two healthy people died running the Philly marathon just a few weeks after I set my pr at New York. I feel lucky. I also feel thankful to have insurance and access to doctors. My daughter has a low fever and sore throat - there is strep going through her class but I feel lucky because we'll be able to most likely get her into a doctor or clinic for a test today even though it's the day before the holiday. Small things but I'm thankful for them. Prosperity. I am thankful to have the things that I have. I was driving to the Grocery store today for last minute salad items to make my salad for tomorrow - in my new cute car and just thinking I am really fortunate. For that I am thankful. Sunshine. I chose to come and live in the sunshine state as an adult. Which is to say I wasn't born here. I am thankful to live in a city and state where I can be outdoors all year long (for the most part). I think we even have road races and triathlons every month of the year here. Florida isn't perfect but I like it. I am thankful for my friends and the people in my life who love me. That one is self explanatory and very true. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Gobble gobble!

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