Friday, November 18, 2011

I lack focus ... I so lack focus

I had this laser-like focus with a great plan leading into the NY Marathon.

Every day I got a little email - here's the plan it said. And I did what it said - almost to the letter (sometimes I switched the days). Now that email comes and it says ... you have no workouts planned. EEK. I need to turn that off.

I had a goal - I met the goal and now...well now I'm floundering. Actually, I'm not sure I'm floundering I just feel like I'm floundering. I mean I ran 3 times this week and swam once. So, I'm not floundering I just feel aimless which is weird because I did sign up for all those races.

I need a plan leading up to the Miami ING 1/2 and A1A 1/2. I crave a plan and I crave focus.

But in other news I have a cute new car. Perhaps that's what's distracting me. Perhaps or maybe I just need some lunch. Lunch I can do. Lunch it is and then a plan.

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