Monday, November 14, 2011

Zero week is *over*

I learned this week from another blogger (who I should link to here if I can remember who it was) that Hal Higdon calls the week after you run a marathon - "zero week." Zero as in - don't do - much.

Day one and two that feels right. After that it feels weird because at least for me I was so used to running every day that it felt like I should be running. At least once I could walk down the stairs I felt that way.

So Thursday I went for a swim. It's been so long it took two tries to pack my swim bag. I realized on the way to preschool that I'd forgotten my suit - oops. 400 yards. Nothing impressive. It's always a little shocking that I can be so conditioned for running and yet want to puke after 400 yards of swimming.

Then Saturday I ran a paltry 3 miles. I had thought I would go with the group for 10 but they were leaving at 5:15 am. So ... I didn't do that. It felt fine but my legs were still all full of lactic acid which is to say - sore. I just jogged - no watch or anything.

Sunday was MiamiMan which is a local tri so there were no group rides planned. I wasn't racing MiamiMan so I did a short, slow solo ride. 40 minutes. No surprises. Then later I took the family to the zoo. We didn't volunteer at the race but we did concentrate on not running any racers over on the course in our safari cycle. That's a bigger task than you might think as the path for the runners is the same as the path for people visiting the zoo. I'm curious how the athletes who raced felt about that part of the course because I don't think I would have liked that. So what's next - more running. The next goal is the 2:00:00 1/2 marathon. I'm giving myself 3 chances starting with the rock-n-roll latin music half, try 2 is Miami ING and finally a1a 1/2 which is my favorite. Wish me luck!

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