Friday, December 16, 2011

I draw the line at the elf

Excuse me I meant to say the f-ing elf on the shelf. It's cute - it's quirky and that little thing makes me want to punch somebody in the nose.

We celebrate two winter holidays in our house Hannukah and Christmas plus we have 2 winter birthdays and those cannot be ignored because even though both birthday folks are full-grown adults they suffered childhood holiday birthday trauma as children. :-) That's another post in itself - dealing with disfunctional adult onset childhood holiday birthday trauma in a family member (daochbt for short). It's busy at our house in December.

But oh how my kids want one. In fact the Hannukah elf has just made an appearance at school and my son who is dealing with the rejection that we don't have said elf on the shelf has made a plea that if he can't have the Christmas elf can we have the Hanukkah elf?

Uh ... nope.

There are lot of mom's out there that can juggle all the holidays, the presents, the wrapping, the shows, the projects and still make the elf happen. And if you're elfing ... make sure you take daily photos of what the elf is up to because otherwise ... well that would be incomplete elfing.  Sadly for my kids ... That ain't me McGee. I accidentally missed my son's class Christmas lunch Wednesday ... oops ... I do feel bad about that. And I had about 50 reminders to try to remember to bring hot chocolate to my daughter's class this morning. And I'm behind on my holiday wrapping ... not to mention I need to clean out my closet and I skipped my swim workout yesterday and have not worked out yet today.

The last thing I need to try to do is keep up with the elf.

breathing deeply -

oh boy -

Did I mention my kids are both smart? Also my daughter is 8. She may have figured out some of this Santa business. They know I'm not into the elf ... so this morning they decided to ask Santa for the elf. Boy am I in trouble now.

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