Saturday, December 10, 2011

Miami Beach Rock -n- Roll half marathon preview

I'm watching the NBC coverage of the Ironman World championship and prepping for tomorrows race.

As a note there is too much slow motion in this broadcast.

I feel really unprepared for the race tomorrow. But that might be mental.

It will be my first race since the New York Marathon and there was just so much ramp up for that and this is just much calmer.

But also to be honest I haven't done any speed work since New York. I went out to do a tempo run this week and I was reminded that I don't have a mental 9 minute pace. 10 minute check, 8 minute yes but I can't easily nail the 9 minute pace.

My plan was to run 3 half's between now and February with the goal of a 2 hour finish. But my daughter has gymnastics meets that conflict with the second and third races. So while tomorrow was supposed to be a warm up - its maybe my only chance.

So my plan is to find others running a 9 minute pace and stick with them. We'll see how I do :-)

Here's a picture of My son playing yard darts in the st. Jude tent at the expo on the beach - super cool.

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  1. You can do it!

    Also, that game is called hillbillie golf :)