Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Calendar Oh Calender why do you hate me so

One of the challenges of motherhood - dare I say the biggest for me is the change from this being my life to do with what I want to it being the life of my little munchkins to boss me around with their schedules.

When they were newborns this was the eating and sleeping schedule. Now it's other stuff. It turns out that almost every race I want to do in the next few months directly conflicts with my daughters gymnastics meets. I am seriously feeling selfish because I'm a little bummed.

Actually I only know about 2 the third is Florida 70.3 in Orlando which is allegedly May 20 but they were supposed to make an announcement today about the race and the announcement was ... more news next week. I know, those race directors are some funny guys ... not. So for all I know that race will now be in June. 

I did just spend my 4.8 mile run reminding myself that my mommyhood job comes first. I know it does and I'll be excited about her gym meets when I get there - really I will. But at the moment I'm bummed.

Now, that's enough of the pity party. Off to daily duties - shipping my brother's holiday package. Oh wait does he read this blog well would you look at that? Then picking up my littlest man who really wants me to get the elf on the shelf for him but he's gonna have to deal with that himself because I've got enough holiday nonsense going on already with 3 holidays and all the stuff that goes with them.

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