Friday, December 9, 2011

Race Report - Turkey Trot 2011

Alternative title - most expensive 5k race with no travel :-)

This has become a family tradition. Well that is if 2 years can make a tradition. We did this race last year with my brother and his family and while my husband was not too excited about getting up early Thanksgiving day when he realized the kids remembered the race from last year and wanted to do it he was game. In my husbands defense when he learns the kids are excited about something he is a team player.

So, my kids are 8 and 5. So we don't actually have a stroller anymore. Also, all our friends who still have strollers either need them or they are so beaten up they weren't wanting to loan them to me. And I didn't want to push because I'm pretty sure we exceeded any jogger stroller weight recommendations. Breaking a friend's stroller is not good for a friendship.

So, we rented. It wasn't the cheapest thing we've ever done but they delivered and we had a great morning so this worked for us.

My daughter getting ready. Jean shorts and knee socks - it works for her. Also the trot shirt needed to be knotted for extra cute effect :-)
There is the rental stroller. Yellow really isn't my color. Notice the completely trusting look on my fact that my husband can actually use the camera? :-)
This Turkey Trot is in Tropical Park. That's my daughter in the jean shorts and knee socks. My daughter ran the whole 5k. I was very impressed.
Jack was very serious about his kids race. He was a veteran and he knew the routine. The 5-6 year olds are just like adults every time the organizer moved back they inched forward. It was funny to me. They ran 200 yds.
I didn't see Dylan start because my husband and I split up to take the kids to their starts. Good thing there are only 2 of them ;-) The 8 year olds ran 600 yds. Dylan finished all red faced and exhausted just like mom. 

In other notable news from this event. It seemed larger to me than last year but I'm not sure that's correct. It was pretty crowded back in the walker / stroller section but I heard that up front running the 10k start it was plenty clear.

My husband is claiming this as a win for him. About 1/3 of the way in Jack settled into the stroller for the ride. So Marc pulled ahead and he finished ahead of the rest of the family. It's the first time he's ever beaten me in a race so he's pretty thrilled.

After the 5k but before the kids race - Jack found his way to the bounce house. He had a great time. We also got some yogurts, water and bananas. Even with a big crowd this was a well organized race and while the lines were long for food there seemed to be plenty. It's a good race. We'll be back again next year.

As a final comment. I'm not sure Jack's related to me. In all the races I've ever done I've never, ever had a good race finish photo. I order them sometimes but I'm always red faced and generally exhausted looking. The same is true for my husband, and my daughter. But look at this:
Isn't that the cutest finisher photo you've ever seen :-)

Everyone says my daughter looks like me - this finisher photo is no exception:
now that's a Stone finisher photo, red face, looks like she wants to puke. That's my girl!

As a final final comment. That's like a p.p.s. in a letter. As my kids get bigger our cleaning lady has a harder time telling our clothes apart. In her defense Dylan is almost my height and the shirts can be confusing. Also, I have more tech shirts than anybody else in the house. Even still I think it's pretty funny that she put all 4 yellow Turkey Trot shirts in my closet right next to each other. Funny.

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