Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I'm thinking about today

  1. I think inflatable holiday yard decorations are silly. My kids disagree. They really like them. Luckily for me I outvote them on matters of the home.
  2. Spinning is hard. Whatever muscles those are that you can pop up and down in spin class ... I was maybe built without those muscles because I have a super hard time with that.
  3. I am considering making a green smoothie but they freak me out a little bit because they are green. And what makes them green is spinach or lettuce  or kale and I don't think that the taste of spinach goes with the taste of strawberry actually. So I haven't done anything except think about them.
  4. I have a lot of bok Choy in my fridge ... The only thing I know how to make with bok Choy is stir guess what's for dinner?
  5. I read to a small group of second graders today during lunch. Some brought their own some got from the cafeteria. I was pleasantly surprised at the basically pretty healthy choices that the kids made for lunches.
  6. I personally am ready for holiday vacation all this driving back and forth to school is making me tired. A nap would be good.

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