Sunday, January 22, 2012

Press and hold the mode button

Went for a bike ride today. I'm halfway through switching my cateye bike computer to my husband's bike.

Only halfway because it requires teeny tiny zip ties. That is the hold up.

I have a few times accidentally almost changed my trusty Garmin 310xt to the Bike mode so I erroneously thought that I knew how to do this. I did not.

So I rode today with it in the "run" mode and just mentally was doing some math along the way okay a 4 minute mile is about 15 mph.

Then I got home and looked up how to perform that particular move on the trusty Garmin .. ahem press and hold the mode button. It was the hold I was missing. I had pressed the mode button about 50 times before I decided I just didn't know how to do it.

In other news I forgot to start the timer when we started. AAACK! Then I forgot to stop the timer when I was home only remembering after eating "brunch" GAAAACK!

Oh well. Next ride :-)

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