Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

Remember Marathon Monday ... where I tediously updated everyone on my marathon training progress?

Well now that the most recent marathon is over I'm going to concentrate on triathlon training. There was going to be a few half-marathons before but they've been scrubbed due to family committments of the 8-year old daughter having a gymnastics meet variety. No contest gymnastics meets win.

Next race April 1 - Nautica Triathlon South Beach. Olympic distance (1.5k swim, 40kbike, 10k run)


Training is rolling to a slow start this week. I have no excuses. Actually there are plenty of excuses but they do nobody any good. I did swim yesterday. On my starter plan I was supposed to do a main set of 1500 yds. I made it 500 and then felt like barfing. So I stopped - that's a personal rule I have stop before barfing. I have this rule because barfing is no fun.

On the plus side I did all my flip turns and didn't miss the wall once. Also on the plus side the 500 yards was actually the main set I actually did do a warm up of 200 yds before and 100 yards afterwards.

On the non-plus side the swimsuit spinny dryer machine at the gym was not working. Drat. Also the smell of my neighborhood LA Fitness continues to make me want to gag. It's not that it's not clean its the smell of something that they use to clean the gym. Doesn't bother most people ... I've asked my friends they don't smell anything ... it's just me. blech.

And I ran tonight. Just 4 miles. It wasn't easy breazy. Somehow my slacking off has had too much of an effect and whats weird is I haven't slacked off all that much.

So clearly I have some work to do and so that means it's time to get to work!

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