Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triathlon Training Thursday

First let me say - oops I missed last Thursday. Apparently I'm not yet in the groove for weekly triathlon training posts.

Countdown: 10 weeks to Nautica, 17 weeks to Florida 70.3
I have been training on my own but the plan is actually to use a coach to prepare for the 70.3 distance. That officially starts February 1. His name is Frank.

Swimming update: I've been swimming on my own 2-3 times a week at the fabulous South Miami LA Fitness pool. I'm up to 1150 yards total and the barfies have not made a reappearance. So I'm making progress. I feel a little bit like I'm cheating on the total yards because at least 200 of those are with the swim flippers which are like wearing a motorized engine in the pool but I'm gonna go with this anyway.
meet the sea monkeys. They are too small to sea here. But I did put my son's eyeball cup behind the tank which I think is pretty funny. They are creepy but they thrill my kids.

In other Swimming news. Last week my lock broke on my locker. I was locked out in my swim suit with all my important stuff inside. EEEK. I had the joy and pleasure of walking through the gym to the front desk in my swim attire. Ahem awkward. There they gave me the bolt cutters (they look like giant red pruning shears) and I cut my lock off. That was kind of exciting. I swear this stuff only happens to me. Sadly for you the reader I did not take photos of this adventure.

Running update: I continue to run. 20 or so miles a week which is not bad except 10 of those are my long run. This is a recipe for an injury so I need to up my midweek mileage.

Yesterday I did my first official lactate threshold test. Renamed by my training friends the 8 minute puke test. I actually did not puke. I'm not sure at the ripe old age of 38 that I have it in me to run until I puke anymore. But I did do exactly a mile in that 8 minutes so I was pushing it. As I had done the mile time trial prepping for the marathon I happen to know that my personal best with that was 8:13 and this was 8:00 flat. Also, I have a new max heart rate to use in my calculations.  And my throat and chest hurt for about an hour from breathing so deeply. Full disclosure: that heart rate is 192. Woah - big number.

Biking update: I went on my first long bike ride in a while. 27 miles with my friends but not the hammies - the self-named misfits. It was cold. I wore everything I own for this ride. Seriously bike shorts under running pants, long sleeve under shirt, bike jersey, windbreaker, gloves, ear covers. But it was a nice ride. I have decided I need new bike shorts and maybe a new saddle. Stay tuned for updates.

While I missed my weekly spin class (my hubby was out of town) I did get the new trainer wheel and put it on my bike and did 40 minutes on the trainer that day.  Ahem, a bike mechanic I am not. I managed to get bike grease from the chain all over my hands, on my arms, on my legs and my shorts. That stuff was everywhere. In fact I'll admit the only reason I got the wheel on was that I could look at my husbands bike to see how it was supposed to get back together. I'll be repeating this maneuver once a week so I should get better at this :-)

My new tool for occupying myself on the trainer is the streaming movie on Netflix. This is an especially good plan since I never go to the movies so there are so many things I haven't seen. This week I watched Limitless.

Other updates.  I put the quick release band onto my Garmin. I actually bought this when I bought the watch but alas just put it together this week. The master plan is to move the cateye off of my bike onto my husbands and I can use the Garmin. The advantage of this for me is that I can then easily upload my bike data. The advantage to him is he can see how fast he's going. 
First you use the worlds smallest screw driver to take the watch apart. I did this in my bathroom. Note the nail polish and Mary Kay lip gloss featured around the various Garmin pieces.

Next put the removed pins back securing the new quick release back. So far so good.

Next put the band back together with the extra pins featured at the top of the last picture. At this point the directions call for using a phillips head screw driver. Ahem ... that would be the smallest phillips head I've ever seen. As the clever person I am I was able to use the provided teeny gizmo to tighten the screws. Time will tell if this is good enough. This was the trickiest step.

Close up of the quick release on the back.

The quick release attachment on the bike.Takes strong fingers to get those rubber bands around the frame but then it's fine.

The Garmin on the bike. Success.

And that's all for this week.

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